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week 7 run 2 - DONE !!

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Having decided not to go to spin class this morning because sallenson has mentioned MAMILs a few times too often. I just could not face the MAMIL spin instructor and keep a straight face - so I decided to run instead.

I got up at silly o'clock this morning. It will be too warm later to run, besides getting up early means that the sun has not yet risen properly and my route is still in the shade of the trees, making the route quite pleasant. It also means that I can run and then get back in enough time to get darling daughter out of bed and ready for school.

Even the rabbits sitting by the side of the road were half asleep, they seemed almost in trance until I got up close then they would speed off because apparently a fast approaching, red faced, middle aged woman breathing heavily is just too scary.

The run went well and I enjoyed it. This is my 3rd 25 minute run and I am now running 220 metres further within the allotted 25 minutes. So I must be getting faster, chasing the rabbits must be helping!

I think that from now on I will do my warm up walk and then start my Garmin when I start to run so that I can get a better idea of my average pace.

I feel that I could run for 30 minutes already. But I want to follow the program as it is set out - so that I can benefit from strengthening my legs and improving my average pace. Besides only 7 more runs to go until graduation. There's no hurry and I'm not out to impress anyone.

Happy running to everyone!

C xx

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Brilliant!! Spin Class?? Wot are you, a masochist??

Bunnies are much better cos you can always snack on them in an emergency.

7 runs left!! Fantastic!!

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GoforitmamaGraduate in reply to sallenson

Spin class, love it ! It's a measly 60 minutes of torture / exercise.

Perhaps the rabbits thought I looked hungry.

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sallensonGraduate in reply to Goforitmama

I used to particularly enjoy getting off the bike and immediately falling into a deep pool of my own sweat. And the staggering. I did not enjoy the (inevitable Americans) who used to climb out of their seats and make scary yelling noises when there was a steep hill. Luckily they often had a "clipless pedal" incident when trying to high-five each other....

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I hear ya', we have one woman who likes to 'whoop' every so often. Funny that she has not worked it out that nobody else really likes it.

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So jealous, I’d love to feel I could do another 5! But isn’t it great to see the halfway points getting slightly further on the route? Have given up on tech though, it loses mobile signal and guesses where I’ve been, reports a way shorter run and then the pace maths are wrong. I’m gonna go old school, measure it on a map and do the sums!

Congrats on the achievement, we’ll look for you on the podium 😁

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GoforitmamaGraduate in reply to DaveB46

Thanks Dave. Sounds like you run in a gps black spot.

Yeah, save me some space on the graduates podium. I'm determined to get there!

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DaveB46Graduate in reply to Goforitmama

You’ll beat me to it, my rest days are increasing 😂😂

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