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W8R2 🎯 + hip/knee problems and tingly toes, any advice?


Hey, this is my first post so go easy on me ☺️

I completed week 8 run 2 this morning. I probably shouldn’t have ran in all honesty as I only completed run 1 last night at 10pm, but I just couldn’t sleep this morning and needed some kind of positive release... Anyway, it went okay for the most part. I’ve never ran this early in the morning and had a nice surprise of seeing how many people in my area run too!

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my knees and hip flexor. My right knee has always been dodgy - if I have my legs dangling off something, like if I’m sat on a table, it starts to hurt after a few minutes. Both my knees have always clicked when I crouch ever since I can remember; it only occasionally hurts and when I went to the GP as a kid I was told it was nothing to worry about. My right hip flexor has sometimes been dodgy - I think it may be due to my knee - but not all the time, it can just sometimes randomly hurt when I’m walking or something. So today my hip flexor started hurting about half way into my run, I continued but was going fairly slowly as I was just struggling this morning. Then after stretching and sitting down both my knees started to hurt. It felt like inside my knee. This is probably the second or third time this has happened. It feels like they need massaging when it happens. They’ve stopped hurting now but my hip flexor is still sore. I’ve also found after about 10-15mins running the outer toes on my left foot start to tingle and go numb. It doesn’t hurt but does make running a little hard/stranger.

I had my gait analysed a while ago and apparently I run backwards - toe to heel. I think my feet turn in a bit too. Not sure if this is contributing to my problems.

Any advice?

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Hey there! I really dont know much about running but i have a dodgy hip so first of all cudoes fot not using it as an excuse to quit! When i had big problems with my hip, i felt that iceing it before leaving the house helped somewhat. Also, a bit more of a long term idea, you could youtube some pilates exercises. I am doing a class and it changed the feeling inside of my hip. Cant explain it any other way but its so much better. Hope it works out for you and yaaay for getting to week 8. You are my idol.

Oooohhh! I’ll try icing it before my next run. Ah amazing, it’s funny you mention pilates as I have planned to start next week ☺️ I’ve never tried it before but have heard lots of great things.

Awwwh thank you! That really does mean a lot. This is my second time around trying to complete it, and now the finish line is in sight 😍


Tasmin it's probably worth getting to see a good sports Osteo or Physio if you have a good one locally, they will help with your knee and hip flexor problems. I had issues and it turned out to be all due to tendon issues that were easily sorted with a few exercises, massage ball and stretches... a good osteoporosis will also be able to look at your biomechanics.

I have a funny gait as well. I run really lightly and I have supination so need a support shoe, took a few stores to find a really good one.

TasminMarie in reply to Cliff_H

Yeah that sounds like a good plan! I’ve never went to an Osteo or Phiso before, I’ll do a bit of research into good ones near me. Hopefully my things will be straight forward 🤞🏻 thanks for the advice!

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