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Just starting out 💪🏻

Just starting out 💪🏻

About a year ago, I decided to start to do something about losing weight. I didn’t see anything as a problem but now looking back I was eating out wayyy too much (at least once a week) and just generally being a bit shit.

I was doing well at the gym, feeling pretty good and making progress. I then went back to uni in September and I got stuck. I didn’t make the time to exercise, but luckily I never went backwards with my weight loss, I just stuck.

Now I’ve still got a few months of uni left but I’m hoping to be able to make some time to exercise before I start working full time in October.

So when I was in the gym last year (and over the past couple of weeks) I know I can run for 10 minutes without stopping, but then after that it’s a couple of minutes walking then I can’t manage more than 5 minutes running after that, 2 minutes etc.

To begin with I was always self conscious of running on a treadmill in the gym and would just walk, then I’ve finally become comfortable now, then now I’ve done a lot of walking over the past couple of weeks with the nice weather.

I then remembered about these podcasts from a few years back, and I’ve decided to start from the start. So this morning I went out and did week 1, run 1. I felt like I ran a good pace for all 8 minutes and still kept up a good pace for the cool down walk too. Really happy with today, hoping to keep motivated and keep going.

Sorry for the long post but I don’t really have any friends to support me through this 😂 thanks for reading x

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I'm 57..I remember my time at Uni being terrible for my waist line..I arrived thin and went home a little podge by Christmas..lost weight and then regained it all the way through..and I wasn't an exerciser at all..rubbish at sports at school setting me up to be an exercise phobic. I wish this programme had been around when I was at uni..well done you for being so proactive.. you will be killing it in no time !


Ha I’ve always been a little podge! But yeah it’s been so hard this year trying to work on assignments then feeling bad if I’m not spending time on them and then as it gets closer to deadlines just munching on everything possible!

But yeah although I’m still at uni over summer it’s doing stuff independently rather than lecture wise so I’m hoping I should be able to set a little time aside each week.

Just hoping I have the motivation to keep it up!


Good luck! Sounds like you’ll be fine!


Thank you!


Thanks for your post. You will get lots of support here. Keep posting, stick with the program. I love hearing about people's successes and any set backs just lets others know that we are all human.

Sounds like you are happy running on a treadmill or outside. The ability to give a little variety is good.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Thank you! Yeah I don’t really have an issue with either (I think I was actually faster running outside on my own this morning, but obviously that’s in shorter bursts) and I’m hoping to be outside as much as possible whilst the weather is okay. Was running on different terrains too :)


I’m at uni too I definitely feel where you’re coming from!! Good luck 😊


It’s so hard isn’t it! I’ve only had assignments this year too so constantly feeling guilty if I’m not working on them and then when I am I’m just picking at bits of chocolate etc to keep me going!

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We support you through this - you’re never alone on this forum 🤗


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