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W7 R2- not too successful

My run 2 just didn't go to plan at all. I wasn't feeling well (wont go in to detail) and my energy was very low but I decided I'd still go out and do what I could because even a bad run is better than no run at all right?!

I ended up walking at least 5 minutes (in intervals) but that still means 20 minutes of running, so i refuse to beat myself up.

Anyway, it has taught me to not be too hung up on getting through the program and to live in the moment. I'm enjoying pushing myself to get out and run and the feeling after I return, i don't want to put so much pressure on myself that I lose that enjoyment, when even the poor runs are a huge achievement in comparison to the old me, sitting on the sofa.

So my plan is to just keep running wk7 until I have had 3 successful runs. I have no idea how long that will take and in honesty, i really dont care, because whilst doing it, ill still be out running at least 3 times a week and that in itself is something to be proud of right?!

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That sounds very sensible indeed Mama H :)

And every extra run you do is another run under your belt and another rest day or two for those running muscles to get stronger, and another chance for your stamina and endurance to creep up another notch.

And absolutely - running three times a week is something to be very proud of, and something which for all of us seemed pretty impossible just a couple of short months ago :)


You are so right ...Your doing fabulous ...If I need advice I would come to you ...Inspiration 😊😊

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Bless you, i am just working my way through the program the best I can having had loads of great advice from others on the forum. I'm always happy to share my experiences but there are many others on here that are far more advanced than me 😊 xx


The advice on this form is priceless has got me to where I am which is w7r1 tomorrow ...I too find it hard but get there in the end ..Doesn't matter how many attempts 😊👍forum *


I just tried the last run in wk7. Total disaster. Already had to stop for quick walk after 5mins and again after 12.5 and 3rd time. So annoyed because 1st one was

Great and actually had enough energy left to speed up in the end. Second one was tough but I didn’t stop. Maybe it was because I only had one rest day in between this week. Maybe I should’ve waited until tomorrow. I’m sooo annoyed right now. Was hoping to start wk 8 on Monday but instead will repeat wk7r3 again. Not happy. 😢


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