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W7 R2 done and toilet question


So today W7 R2 (3? - but I discounting one of the practice ones, see previous post)

but I have a question

do you ever really need the loo when running?

I rarely do but today I was like - I *have* to go so right at 12.5 mins I pass a sports centre so I paused MapMyRun, paused Laura (which seems like the unforgivable sin) and ran in to use the facilities.

Can I still count this as a success on W7 R2 even though I technically slowed down for 3 mins to pop into loo? Resumed my 25 mins of course but did have a breather in the middle.

At least I didnt do a Liz McColgan...........(for those of you who remember this).....

PS - in the light of Irish-John's reply - it was a no1!! No 'runs' for me lol

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When you gotta go...

See how your next run goes ( minefield for puns this!) and if it feels like a "success" I'd count this one as "done" too.

Put it down to the "Act of God" exemption .

Or the results of chugging prune juice? ;)

in reply to Irish-John

nah, too many cups of tea in the morning!! (it was an afternoon run!)


I think it was from the moment I was week 7 or 8 or 9 that I realised the importance of going to the loo before leaving for a run. It is easy and natural for me as I run very early in the morning. I would say add a pit stop as part of getting ready for a run.

in reply to nhs2015

Me too....:) Part of the, just before leaving the house, routine :)


I can guarantee that after waiting 60 to 90 mins after breakfast, and after the interminable process of faffing about preparing to run, which involves numerous toilet trips, I still have to go again before finally getting the door open 😊

I do my own head in 😊

No matter what I do, I always have to stop mid-run. I've just accepted it as a fact and deal with it :) I know where the public toilets are on my route.

Good to hear that other people have managed to avoid this.

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