W7 R3 - Hissy Fit 😡 or Missy Fit 🏃??

W7 R3 -  Hissy Fit  😡 or Missy Fit 🏃??

Well, this week has been a journey...

R1 - Brilliant - even managed a faster 1 minute run at the end 😀

R2 - not feeling great - stopped after 23 minutes on my 25 minute run 😩

R3 Part 1 - after my apparent disaster on R2 decided to come off the common and went to local park yesterday - 20 minutes away - instead. Flat and easy to run around I thought. I have never run on tarmac and the park was full of ducks and parents and children and I found it all a bit disconcerting after my lovely trail running. After 10 minutes my gremlin said stop and I just gave in and said OK - I bloody well quit! I just literally gave up or gave in and mainly because the same as R2 I was running too fast....what does it take it get slow into my head? Think i was running faster because I had a larger audience - pride is not good is it?

I had a choice here - to give in and say I can't do this - my gremlin said "It's beyond you. Look at you? Failed on last two runs? You are Pathetic!" (Hissy Fit) ....OR to fight and tell myself that after 8 weeks and a lot of pain I was not going to give up (Missy Fit)

By the time we had driven home I had decided that I would run my trusty old route today and that I WOULD succeed and finish W7...

R3 Part 2 - The Finale - So, at 6.30 tonight I set off. Warm and air full of flying ants who seemed massively interested in my yellow t-shirt. This time I listened to Laura, and started running determined to ignore pace or distance.

What a truly amazing run I have just had - really guys that was the best. I ran so slow 🐢 but really steady and I felt positive and strong and I managed the little last minute speed run at the end 😀👏

Picture of my faithful running companions and also the hill I always mention which is at at the back end of my runs......

A few of you have put posts up in the last few days that unbeknown to you have really helped me get to the right frame of mind and I am so greatful - thanks so much ❤️

Onwards to W8 and 28 minutes 🎉. Is it really only 6 runs to go to my shiny badge? 😯


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31 Replies

  • Well done you and yes it is only 6 runs or 174 minutes before you join the graduate club

  • 😂 Can I go with the 6 runs not the minutes - seems more acheivable😀

  • Course you can dear

  • I thank you 😀

  • When you do finish you can honestly say you earned your badge you have worked really hard just keep doing what you are doing

  • Thanks so much - seems so hard sometimes but we keep going don't we :-)

  • Brilliant, well done lightweightkate. Very close now, you're being sensible keeping it steady.

  • Thanks ...trying hard to go SLOW 😀

  • Well done! :) :)

  • You are doing great Kate - if you read what you posted as if it was someone else who posted it and you look at it objectively you will see why i, and others, have no worries about you Graduating :) You are a ROCK! :)

  • Oh! Lovely John - thanks - you are one of the special people that unbeknown to you have posted stuff that has kept me going this week...it IS so hard this journey - I feel like a jelly not a rock 😂. But you watch other peoples journeys and their good runs and if I may presume to quote you, their "practice runs" and you feel less alone. You feel part of an amazing community that really cares and supports you. And it gives you courage and the will to keep going....I know logically and physically that it is me lifting one foot after the other but it is this community that keeps me going mentally and I thank you all x

  • We may run on our own but we never run alone ;)

  • Well done! You aced it having run further than Laura wanted you to today :-) I can see your graduate badge glinting in the not too far distance :-D

  • Thanks so much - I must do this 😀

  • Well done. Can't see the gremlins gettin the better of you now!

  • They are so naughty 😡

  • Great running missyfit😀

  • It's amazing how this forum helps motivate when the easier option is to give up. That said you also need your own determination to actually do this.

    Well done beating those pesky gremlins and roll on graduation.

  • Oh you absolute STAR! That is true grit. Going out again and not letting the gremlins cheat you out of what you deserve. Slowly does it every time (and I totally get the speeding up for an audience) 2 of my *ahem* 'practise' runs, we're for that very reason😂. Another couple of weeks and we'll be breaking out the bubbly again...

  • Yay! Can't wait for that :-)

  • Yay ! Well done Kate , you never gave up ! Persistance always pays , and it's paid off big time , you nailed it !

    Onwards ! :-)

    PS : I love your dog :-) xxx

  • I know - he is a beauty :-)

  • Well done- you kept going and didn't give up. You definitely have this running sorted now. Keep going and think about how you will reward yourself on graduation.☺

  • Well done - beaten your gremlins and learned the pleasure of a slow run. Can't be bad!

  • Yup - been a stupidly long time actually getting that lodged in my head but it's there now :-)

  • Well done! I'm at exactly the same point as you now - just six runs to go. After today, with 85% humidity making it feel twice as hard as R2, I feel like as long as the humidity's fairly normal an extra 5 minutes is no big deal at all!

  • 😀 we will do this and I feel less daunted by the extra 5 after my last run too

  • Gosh, lightweightkate thanks so much, I needed this encouragement right now. Well done, by the way.

    For me, Wk7 r1 was run in the dark on Wednesday, woo hoo, as I finished work late then had to go to hubbies work do, it was good though, me and Maisie Moo, my dog, almost couldn't see the stiles, and almost missed a bridge, could have been nasty :)

    But, first time I have run in the dark, off road, along fields, so exciting !!! Might have to get one of those head torch things. Would I look totally stupid? Has anyone else tried them?

    Anyway, Wk7 r2 this morning was soooo hard. Don't know why. Puffed out, resentful because it wasn't easy :) But I did it, even speeded up at the end, like Laura suggested; by that time had got back to the park where other doggy walk friends were, proud to finish on a good pace, as if i hadn't done most of the run puffing and staggering along :D

    Wk7 r3 will be on Sunday morning, I will just do it. I can do it, can't I?

  • Oh yes you can so do it - I feel a little qualified to say that after my W7 moments!! I'm planning to start W8 Sunday too so let's not forget to post to see how we get on....Good Luck - be right with you 😀🏃

  • Yeay! Will do :D Go girl!

  • Keep going and kick those gremlins into touch x

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