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Motivating Rest Day Exercise

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Does anyone use any similar apps/podcasts for their rest day exercise? I’m really struggling to get motivated, yet I spend all day looking forward to my runs, largely because of the structure.

I’d started going swimming on a Tuesday, which I really enjoy when I get there, but the session is at 8:30pm, at a time I’m already settled in for the night and don’t want to leave the house again.

I’ve also started doing the Strength and Flex podcasts, but if I’m honest, I’m finding them a little boring. The trouble is, I live in a upper floor flat with no garden, and with no park/horizontal railings nearby to practically do it, so I’m improvising.

I need something that requires no effort from myself to go out and do. No travelling anywhere, no equipment, and most importantly fun! Help!

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Hi, I also live in a top floor flat, no room for any exercise equipment (nor any money for any!) On the days between runs I have a walk around my usual route, and am surprised at how much longer it takes without the running. It's vaguely motivational, and at least I'm out in the fresh air! On another note, although it’s tempting to do energetic stuff on rest days, after hurting myself on week one I've come to treasure them. Rest is good.

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to telford_mike

Well said. Life doesn't have to be all push. Read a good book!

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Walk.. take photos whilst you do it.. Does your Pool not do and Early bird swim? Loads of online motivational stuff too..

You can improvise weights etc...and lots of cheaper stuff on e bay too.. Strength training with Anna is great on You tube too.

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Caotykim in reply to Oldfloss

They do, but I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve said I’ll go, before turning my alarm off and going back to sleep!

I’ll have a look at the link, thank you 😊

I use an app called 8fit, I don’t do the monthly subscription but you need a user account. I live in a top floor flat so not keen on too much jumping either. The sessions are mostly about 10 minutes, consist mostly of march in place, lunges, sit in wall stuff so no equipment required. I did get a resistance band and a pair of 3kg dumbbells to make some of the exercises more challenging. If you can stream your phone to the TV, ie chromecast/Apple TV, it’s even better to have the demonstrations and count down on TV.

There are other similar apps like Seven and 7m Workouts, as the names suggest, they’re 7 minutes sessions. I do one along with a run or 2-3 on rest day if the weather is rubbish.

If the weather is nice, do you have an outdoor gym near where you live? I use mine sometimes and it is free!

Thanks, I’ll have a look at those apps, sounds like exactly what I need. I don’t have an outdoor gym unfortunately, only a playground that’s constantly riddled with teenagers! 🙄

The Freeletics app is, as it’s name suggests, free (well there is a paid coach option but you don’t need to do that unless you get really into it). It is all entirely bodyweight only exercises, and really good for all round fitness. I have been incorporating one of their sessions into my daily routine for a three weeks now and have seen great benefit from it.

I’m in the same situation, I flick between blogilates (Pilates crossed with aerobics/HIIT - can be a bit chirpy but it counterbalances nicely with my cynical personality), the balanced life (Pilates but more down tempo and gentle) and yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. Sometimes I browse the spin classes on YouTube but that depends on if you have an exercise bike. Fitness blender is okay too but very functional and a bit dry.

Really recommend just typing in an activity you’ve always fancied trying into YouTube, you’d be surprised what’s on there.

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I like to workout with the Fitness Marshall on YouTube.

He dances to hits and he's funny. I like to do them because it's fun and I forget I am exercising.

Good luck with your running.

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I'd agree that Laura's slightly less captivating in her S&F outing... but I think it is worth persevering at least to the end of the programme (I found it *easier* to do indoors than outdoors in the end) Ultimately for that kind of function long term I prefer yoga and use Ekhart Yoga (try it out on YouTube) Some like Yoga with Adrienne, also on YouTube.

I've shocked myself with an ability to get myself to the pool early... but only due to having to take my son to the train station first!

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I have found yoga great for stretching out muscles, luckily there is a group near me that I go to once a week and I've also downloaded an app called down dog which is pretty good.

I'm rubbish at doing things at home though so i prefer a group, she also does relaxation at the end which is wonderful!

I recommend Millionare Hoy on YouTube..he does specific low impact sessions for people living in flats etc

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