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Exercise on rest days?

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Was just wondering if most people still try to do some exercise on rest days? I tend to use them as a rest from anything strenuous (though I am a nurse so on my feet most days anyway), I did a yoga class on a rest day last week which was fine, but I think anything like Zumba or strength training would just tire me out completely! So most rest days are just rest! Am I being a wimp and missing out on making bigger fitness gains? W6R2 tomorrow!

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Absolutely. Walk, swim, hula hoop, anything but just don't run. I'm betting Rignold will be on here very soon extolling the virtues of squats, everyday, not just your rest days! There's also an nhs strength and flex program lots of people use on days off, it's our Laura again so if you miss her, that's good.

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Thanks bonkersbrit, I'll give the strength and flex training a go then, but I don't think anyone will be able to talk me into rest day squats!


I use stationary excercise bike on rest days or walking (you do a lot of that already) with gentle stretching when warmed up, plank core excercises..😊

My rest days are normally spent at work so im on the go all day( work in a shop) i have a exercise bike i also use in the evenings and have just purchased a mountain bike to use to and from work

Squats should be everyday, not just rest days.

What if anything you should be doing on your rest days very much depends on your starting level of fitness and how much recovery you need from the run days though. If you feel really tired from the run days then just rest. If you are champing at the bit eager to get out and do something, then go for it.

It is true that generally we are capable of more than we think but if you have a strenuous job to begin with and don't normally do any exercise, then the forst few weeks the C25k may well be enough to cenotend with. I think I didn't do any additional exercise the first 3 weeks or so. Then started adding in a Spin class once then twice a week, and built from there.

But always be doing squats. When you are still able to use the loo independently at 80 you will thank me.

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I need to do more squats!!!!!

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so do i.

I am utterly incapable of crossing my legs or moving independently today though. #quadruin

I run mon wed friday, Tuesdays I do spinning, Thursdays I sometimes to a les mills body attack class, and as I have a dog I go on walks at the weekend :)


I was looking through my collection of exercise DVDs and re-discovered Leslie Samsones 2 Mile Walk. It's a good aerobic workout lasting about 30 minutes. It also has a toning aspect to it.


Thanks for the advice all. Will definitely try and do a bit more on rest days, and build it up gradually. Had a non starter today as was gonna run after work but just couldn't summon the energy and now feel rubbish about it! But trying to turn that into determination to get out there tomorrow!

I do arm weights and core training on my rest days (ie no leg days at the mo!) xx

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