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Exercising on rest days?


I really want to work on my strength and core fitness while I'm doing C25K; I'm about to start W3R1. I've downloaded the sit-up, squat, push-up and plank 30 day challenges and wondered if anyone had any feedback on doing those kind of exercises on rest days or even before/after a run? I know some people say squats can make the running harder?

Thanks :)

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Well, our resident squats guru will be along shortly to answer that one in more detail

I should do your physical jerks on your non-running days.  I do squats and all that malarky on non-runs days and I don't think it's adversely affected my running.  Hopefully the opposite

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I didn't do any additional exercises during the program and regret this. Anything that improves your core fitness will help you become a better runner, so all the things you mention are great. Try to include knee strengthening exercises too as this will also help you later.

I agree with Miss Wobble, do them on the rest days. I also believe stretches give you better shaped muscles so will help you look longer and leaner, maybe try a little yoga. But the best person to ask is Rignold 


What I should have said is, just like the running, ease into this gently. 


Rignold will put you right!!! :) He is brilliant! :)


Snap Morven- I've just finished W2 today (although I did it 4 times instead of 3!) and have been doing stretches after each run plus a 20 minute walk on rest days, but more stamina would be great to tackle the scary looking W3!


I think squats etc are a bit hard-core and can leave your muscles seized up if you go too hard at them - I would suggest something like pilates or yogalates to work on your core stability.


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