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Suggestions for exercise to do on rest days

Hi everyone. This might be a bit outside the scope of the forum so let me know if it is. I graduated a couple of weeks ago now and am managing the 30 minutes pretty well. I always feel really good after my run and it gives me a great boost for the whole day after I do it. I go out to the park to do it which makes me feel good too. I suffer from anxiety and it helps a lot with that too. It's all pretty positive.

I know we're not supposed to run every day but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a fairly strenuous exercise to do on the off days so I can get the same sort of feeling I have on the running days. I want to do it outside too, especially at this time of year when I don't have much other excuse to get out and about in nature.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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The strength and flex podcast are done outside, they will compliment your running as well. We even have a forum. It is a 5 week plan. Here is all the information.





I sometimes cycle.


Squating, lunging, planking, push ups and chin ups. All can be done outside. All great exercises, either body weight or weighted, that complement running.


Walking! Easy to include brisk walking. (Borrow a dog! That can really add to the enjoyment!! 🚶🐶


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