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W6R3 in the bag!

Hi all, just finished the latest run. Feeling OK and pleased with my progress. 👍

I must admit I was surprised to hear Michael Johnson tell me when I’d run half way and I was still feeling good. I knew then I could manage it. 🙂

Thanks for all the support so far, I doubt I’d have made it without you! 😊

I’m off now to find something not related to the Royal Wedding 🎩👰 to do.

Good luck to them though, and to all you out running today! I’m proud to call myself a runner now. 🏃‍♂️Cheers everyone🥂

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Nicely done. So just continuous running for you now. How does that feel after 6 weeks! Congratulations


Thanks, it feels great! Never thought I’d get this far. 😀 Yes, just running all the way now. Looking forward to it and fairly confident I’ll get there. 🙂👍


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