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W8R3 complete

A celebration post, I'm not using other social media at the moment! (Unexpected break up a couple of weeks ago, blah blah, etc. etc.)

I've completed W8, took me 10 days due to work pressures, weather. I tried the heat one day, never again! But made sure I was walking the long way home when I should have had a run 😊

One run was 30mins and one was 32mins. I had the energy so I just kept on going. I've been working on a more even pace this week after feedback from others last week and not trying for PB. Thank you, that's really helped

I CANNOT believe that I've made it this far, W1R1 was a struggle and I thought I would collapse at the W5R3 hurdle. Another supporter of the approach, it really works.

Roll on W9 when I can graduate and my first parkrun in a few weeks time!

Added benefit, I've lost 7lbs so far.

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Great stuff! 💪👍😃

Keep going steadily! It’s about taking care while you go that bit further each time

Parkrun is great but don’t get caught up in trying to make a race of it as it’s so easy to tweak something at this stage.

I keep my weight down by running but a healthy diet is key, as is plenty of sleep💤 😃

Have fun 👍

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Thank you, good advice. I've found that I'm sleeping a lot more recently (finally) and I don't want an injury as I've been injury free.

I'm using an app to calorie track, that seems to work for me, at least I now know what I'm putting in - it helps with choices 😜🍪🍰


Very good! Once you get into the habit of healthy eating it becomes second nature. I’ve never reverted back to eating the crud I ate previously. Thank goodness. I feel so much better. I sleep for England since i quit drinking and started running 💤


Hi PiersS and well done to you. I am sure they are preparing the podium for you! I do hope week 9 goes really well.🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


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