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Oww!! And I was only walking !!!

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Well I had a pretty good run this morning after setting off with a dodgy left knee and an aching right thigh which got better as I plodded along so went home had my bath and pottered gently round the house, watched a film with my daughter before she went home and then my son asked if fancied meeting up and going for a walk as it was so nice today.

Yeah , why not? So off I strolled passing my neighbours all busy strimming, mowing , pruning and gardening, washing cars and various other Sunday afternoon things. As I turned into the next street my left foot felt a bit odd under the instep and I thought maybe my sock was ruckled up underneath so I adjusted it and went on. Then by the top of the road I waited for my son and when he came along we set off. My foot was still uncomfortable but I just thought I need to stretch it out a bit after this mornings run.

We walked about 2 miles to the park and got halfway round and stopped to sit on a bench and have a drink. I flexed and rubbed my foot and thought it felt better so off we went again. We had a bit of a hill to go up before we turned to go back home and i was really slow by then. I hobbled on and when we got to my sons he asked if I wanted to go in and rest but I didn’t as I thought I wouldn’t get started again.

I was right too as it took me ages to hobble on getting slower and slower. I got in and tried to roll it on the spiky Pilates ball but that didn’t help. I sprawled on the settee with my foot up for ten minutes then thought I’d take some painkillers and make a drink. I nearly screamed when I stood up, couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Over the next half hour I just about managed to crawl upstairs, fetch the Epsom salts and Voltarol, find the blackberrying walking stick, run a bowl of water and hobble back in with it and soak my foot. I could barely move it to rub it dry and my ankle has swollen up now too. I have pins and needles in my ankle and my calf hurts. Ive has it raised on a pile of cushions and I can flex it slightly now but I’m scared to stand up again.

I’m hoping that the rest and painkillers will sort it as I only have another 4 runs left to graduation and I was so excited to think next run is last of week 8. I can’t bear the thought of having to delay.

Keep your fingers crossed for me please everyone 😡😥😥

5 Replies

Hope all is OK. Try to rest it as much as possible. It won't do any harm to have a few extra rest days to help it recover, but I understand your frustration. I've still got 8 runs to go and I'm already getting excited about graduating,


Oh no poor you I do hope your foot improves soon. I wonder what you’ve done??


Hi there, I think the supporters here will probably say, Rest Ice Compression Elevation (RICE) as the way forward to get that foot better...don't despair just give it time, you will get to the end of Wk9 for sure 🙂.


Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear of this. I’ve had issues with the metatarsal bones in my foot before and learned that heat rather than cold is ideal for inflamed joints in the feet, so I would persist with the warm foot baths and deep heat/Voltarol cream.

And remember that a few extra rest days in these situations will be key to going forward rather than setting you back!! I do hope you get better soon! X


Thanks I’ll carry on with the heat. Unfortunately my large tabby cat thinks she’s helping by trying to wrap her hot body around my poorly foot and cannot understand why I keep yelping and moving her off again.


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