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Am I the only C25ker who still only does the warm up and warm down 5 minute walks?


I ask because I'm now on Week 5 so about to do the longer runs. Until now I've had no problem with my muscles and as I understand stretches are now quite controversial, I'm happy to stick with what's worked for me so far. However, I'd be foolish not to seek the advice of this community, hence the question.

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We still do warm up and cool down walks. In fact, most often, we add a few extra minutes to our warm up walk. My own personal experience is to do a few light stretches and the warm up, just enough to limber you up good for the run. If you are doing great with the 5 min.before and the 5 min.after, I'd say keep doing what your doing! Gayle


I always do a 5 min warm up walk. the cool down walk is often longer, dependind on where I decide to stop. It's well worth doing stretches when you get home.


I still do it. Sometimes my cool down walk is longer and I definitely do all the stretches when I get in! I might start stretching before because I'm sometimes a bit stiff when I start out.


As soon as I started doing pre-run stretches I pulled a calf muscle & was out for 4 weeks.

I now walk for 5.5 mins, then just ease the calf muscles a little before starting. I finish with a 4min walk and then do proper stretches the end of that - so far so good.


I always do the warm-up walk and the cool-down walk. Sometimes the warm-up is longer, sometimes the cool-down is shorter, but I always do them. The only stretches I do are writing the alphabet with my toes before I get out of bed :) and 60 squats while I clean my teeth :D


I also do 5 minutes wu/cd but now I am on the longer runs I find that I run a bit faster on the outward leg but slower on the return so as a consequence I end up with a bit extra on the cool down walk back to the car. I only do stretches after my run and not before.


Thanks guys.

I do no stretches at all and have had no problems so far, in fact I haven't the foggiest idea how to do them even if I wanted to. Can someone suggest some for after my run, just in case I find I'd like to do some? A Youtube video would be really handy.


The 5k website has a good set of stretches plus additional ones that are good for strengthening knees.


I always do the walks, I think they are very important to avoid major lactic acid build up which would case soreness.


Cheers Peab, I'll have a look.

Jedda, I always do the walks, I was asking if I'm the only one who ONLY does the walks. It's a concern as I'm entering a stage where I'm running for longer.


I only did the warm up walks until the long runs. That was sufficient. I have suffered from tendinitis before and didn't want to do ANY stretching. But as soon as the long runs started to stretch lightly after a run. Otherwise got very tired sore legs. My stretching is not major, stretch til you feel it ( does that make sense? Dont over stretch ) and hold for a count of 15. Then continue. I agree with PeaBea the ones on nhs 5k site are good.


I've just had a look at them Tish, are you only supposed to do each stretch once?

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I think so!


One of the reasons I was prepared to give this a go in the first place was the absence of stretching - finding other family runners' stretches deeply offputting. I started last February, graduated at the end of April and yes, I still just do the 5 minutes walk at the beginning and end. I have, very rarely (about 3 times) and always after a tough run, felt my body really wanted me to stretch afterwards (so I have) Sometimes the walk at the end will be more than 5 minutes, depends where I end up. I am not a fast runner but I can do 5K.

I have started doing other exercise too to improve overall fitness which involves stretching, but nothing as part of a run session.


Thanks Googlers, it's definitely my preference but am only about to start the longer runs and didn't want to assume it'd be okay. I'll play it by ear but it's nice to know it's not imperative.


I do the brisk walks at the start and at the end as instructed by Laura. I do this every run as that's what the programme says. If we all do as the programme says we'll be fine.

I do them. Definitely need to

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