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I can run for 8 mins! Wk 5 run 2 done!

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I've never run for 8 mins in my life. I can walk for miles. But have never been a runner. But tonight, with my sister - have run 8 minutes twice and loved it! And didn't feel too bad at the end!

So now for run 3! Have just made a playlist to get me through the run! Songs for the walks and the 20 min run in the middle. Am starting to believe we might just do it!

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Well done! I'm day 2 of week 5 tomorrow so will take inspiration from you that I can also do it :)

Hope day 3 goes well for you x

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Well done.

Of course you will do it. The next workout is 1 minute shorter than the one you just completed...............a doddle........

Great attitude. A few walks with 'a 20 minute run in the middle'. Love it.

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You will... slow and steady and enjoy :)

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Well done, me too, did mine tonight! Onwards and upwards x

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Well done !!!

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Well done on R2 - just go at R3 without thinking too much.....the buzz afterwards is amazing!!!

Go for it! Even if you stagger through the last few mins like me, it’s an achievement we never dreamed we’d manage 5 weeks ago!

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