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W2 Take 2

After a bike accident and lots of travelling I have completed week 2 again, after nearly a week without running the thought of trying week 3 was a too daunting. i am finding that repeating a week gives me a bit of a confidence boost, knowing i can do it and gently leading up to the next week. I was wandering at what stage to get gait analysis? My trainers are fairly new comfy and supportive but does running for longer periods needs better trainers?

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hello! I've seen you're doing better after your accident but think this post went unanswered? Have a gander here - basically you would be best "running shoes", properly fitted, especially after the early weeks (erm I think I've read week 4 ish?) - you say you have trainers but that word could mean a variety of shoes :) .

I'd have described the pair i started in as trainers but they are more accurately planks with laces :) - I've got running shoes now!


Brilliant, thank you.


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