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Starting Week 5 with some achy baby cows

Hi ya'll!

So I just finished Week 4 and I'm very proud of myself. The 5 minute runs were hard for me, but I pushed through. Mainly with the help of my husband who rode his bike behind me and decided to play the speech from Independence Day or the song from Rocky.

So I'm moving on to Week 5. I know I can do the 5 minute runs, but can someone suggest anything to keep my baby cows from tightening up while I'm jogging? And by baby cows I mean my calves. I do some leg stretches while I'm doing the warm up and while I'm doing the walk in between runs. But during the 5 minute runs it sometimes feels like my calves are about to seize up and I'm gonna drop to the floor. Slowing down doesn't help the tightening sensation. My husband says it could be the way I run. I take itty bitty steps cause I'm short. He said that maybe if I took longer strides my baby cows might not hurt as much.

Also in pain are my biceps. I didn't know running would make my biceps hurt. Oh, do your arms get toned from running? That would be cool.

I was thinking yesterday about how long I've been doing C25K and I came to the realization that this is the longest I've ever stuck to a workout regime. Actually, the longest I've ever stuck to anything health related. Maybe this is a turning point in my health. I only had 2 sodas last week. That's big for me.

Go me! I'm so proud of myself.

Here goes Week 5

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Well done! That's it keep the soda down! running does help tone your arms, It has mine, but have also got some loose skin now..


Hmm, not sure how I feel about lose skin. I guess it can't be worse than the flabby arms I've got now. Thanks for that link. I'll start those stretches today.

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I never thought I had flabby arms.. didn't realise how fat I really was until I lost a lot, no, the loose skin doesn't bother me so much...


Don't over stride! Laura does tell you that, not sure which week. Keep your running under your hips

Your arms get used an awful lot when you run so you should see a difference if you keep going. Don't let your arms swing across your body.

You will feel discomfort in your legs if you're new to running, it's to be expected. As you get stronger the niggles should disappear.

Ditch the sodas! if you cut out sugary snacks it makes sense to ditch the pop as well. You don't need it and I don't think you'll miss it.

Good luck with your running. Take it nice and slow. Enjoy yourself !


I lost a lost of weight Dave and now have quite loose upper arms. I don't care. It's better than being overweight. I suppose if I was much younger it might bother me but as it stands I can wear sleeves

Not done much core work lately. Tsk! Must get some done now that work on the plot has eased back for winter


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