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‘Ecky thump!


I’ve done it Week 9 finished and it feels so good! on a gorgeous, sunny Autumn day here in NZ I finished my run by showing off and doing an extra minute’s running, cos I could! Got to just over 4km. I’ve been a lurker on this forum for months and not posted anything until Week 9 but I’d never have got this far without reading all your stories and seeing all the encouragement given when things didn’t go well and congrats when things did. I will buy myself some proper running gear now, I looked like a grey ghost shuffling past with my orange laces in my running shoes being the brightest part of me, apart from my pink (ish) face - oh all right then red face, tatty grey t shirt, grey hoodie and tatty leggings. Its my 65th birthday in June and there’s a 5km run coming up then, so back to practice and try out some park run and back on here for more inspiration. Have great running week, off to get my badge now.😎

PS Soon there will be wine!!

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That is wonderful lexi6!! I too had a red face to match my pink top and I was one of the last in the 5k Parkrun that was a new way of running to me. But we did it!!!! Congratulations fellow runner. 🏆

lexi6Graduate in reply to WalkingWithLabradors

Thank you so much WWL feeling very proud of myself, I don’t often finish what I start, but was determined to succeed. Haven’t opened the wine yet, dogs needed taking out first, but will enjoy soon. Looking forward to my first park run, not sure what to expect but as long as I can finish. That will be novel getting there by 8.am though, its been a while getting up early. gulp!😇

WalkingWithLabradorsGraduate in reply to lexi6

It’s a friendly experience but there are some able keeners there! Someone said it reminded them of their old PE lessons. I started in the middle and was soon overtaken by loads but I just smiled and chanted my mantra ‘slow and steady’ to ensure I finished. Good luck. 👍🏻

lexi6Graduate in reply to WalkingWithLabradors

I’ll just do what I do best WWL and hang out at the back, shouldn’t be hard ha ha.😍


Congratulations, Lexi6!! You're such an inspiration! I'm just starting out so I love reading all the successes on this site. You are amazing. Happy shopping for the new gear and enjoy your 5km run in June, along with your 65th! You rock.

lexi6Graduate in reply to DeeRunning

Ah shucks Deerunning, thank you, ya gonna give me a big head. I always wanted to be invisible when running. Now I am going to be OUT THERE!😍

WalkingWithLabradorsGraduate in reply to lexi6


DeeRunningGraduate in reply to lexi6

Strut your stuff proudly my friend x 😁


Congratulations and very well done , you are amazing. My birthday is in June too and I have planned a 5 k park run and race for life as a birthday present to myself, however I’m only on week 5 so I’m hoping to graduate in time. Look forward to seeing your graduation badge

lexi6Graduate in reply to Jullaly

Hello fellow Gemini thank you, me thinks you are amazing, just read your posts, you must have wet yourself at my comments at maybe finding it could be a struggle to be at a park run for 8.00am.🤣 I’ve not long retired and used to start work at 6.45am, so I wasn’t being precious. Happy birthday to us and see you soon at week 9


Good job

lexi6Graduate in reply to Beccym

Thank you Beccym. 🙂


HUGE congratulations.... Grey Ghost.... :)

I was the Original Grey Snail.... more a funky monkey now!!! I was 65 when I graduated:)

I think you need to think how you are going to transform, now you have completed this plan...and move on the next stage :)

Get some sassy gear to go with the orange laces and turn into a Rainbow Dancer maybe??

Hope the wine was good... we enjoyed the Graduation party. although I think you left your badge on the Podium :)


Bask in the glory and then head back here for the, What is next advice:)

Well done!

lexi6Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss, supping wine as we speak, is it possible maybe a 10k? Eventually? Yes why not grey ghosts can do anything. Maybe a few park runs first, rainbow dancer I love, new gear will be very, very bright put ya sunnies on.😎😎😎😎

OldflossAdministrator in reply to lexi6

Sounds great to me.... and yes.. after some consolidation the journey to 10K is fun.... :)

Enjoy x


Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience which really does spur those of us on who think Week 9 is un-achievable!

lexi6Graduate in reply to Hidden

Hello 3550TN, thank you. To be honest I never thought I could get to this stage and wish I hadn’t been so shy about posting my progress or sometimes lack of and instead left it to my last week to post. As far as c25 “I was Lexi no mates” when I started, but having this forum and clicking on to the week I was currently on, made me realise I’m not alone. Good luck for whats ahead, I hope you will have as much fun as I have. 😄

Congratulations. It’s a great achievement and a great feeling. Well done.

lexi6Graduate in reply to helenwheels

Thank you😁

You are a winner Lexi! New Zealand? You have run a long way!! I wonder where I’ll end up?! 😂


I started my run in Cheshire 1953 before emigrating here with the family, With this programme who knows where you’ll end up, but it will be your choice, but what a journey you’re going on. 😄

Congratulations for completing the program and Graduating lexi🎉🎉🎉

You deserve the treat of some new running gear...you are a proper runner and should be very proud of yourself 👏👏👏

Enjoy your next running adventures😊x

lexi6Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you bluebird, can’t wait to go shopping, so excited to buy something other than grey.


Woohoo!!!! Well done! What an achievement! Enjoy a well-earned celebratory glass of wine!! 🥂🥂🏃‍♀️💪👏🎉

lexi6Graduate in reply to alikayV

Thank you alikay and I did, a very chilled NZ Pinot Gris the husband cooked dinner while I supped. Bliss🤪

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