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Can anyone recommend any stretches after running to prevent stiffness? I am really suffering!!

hi everyone, I have now reached week 9 and can run for 30 minutes! hooray! but I get a lower back ache and my legs stiffen up about 2 hours after i have finished my run, does anyone else suffer from this? it doesnt hurt at all when i am actually running though. I have had gait analysis and got myself the right trainers and I do stretch properly afterwards, I decided to give myself a week without running to rest it - should I start back on short distances again and does anyone have any stretches they could recommend when i have finished my run that might help? I have been going stir crazy this week not going out running and I never thought that would happen!!

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Have you tried the ones on the Cool Running site? These are the ones suggested by the man who originally developed C25k. If you note what the set covers you can probably find better descriptions and variations on the web.

I do some form of stretches on most non-run days as well as after a run, just not right before a run. If a muscle seems sore I find out what it is called and see if I can find more stretches designed for that one - ideally ones practised by women. I have added in a piriformis stretch as that's been a particular issue for me and at the moment I am working on my rhomboids.


Hi sarahcaz.

I'm on week9 too and this is the first time I've noticed real stiffness too.

Ran 30 minutes yesterday(woo!hoo!) but SO stiff getting out of bed this morning.

Have decided to take the dog for a brisk walk for about an hour to warm up my leg muscles and do some proper stretches when i get back in. Will try a few different ones, and let you know if it helps.


Hi, I posted somewhere else, I have yoga and pilates 10 minute solutions DVDs, after my run I do the 10 minutes cool down and stretch sections from both of these, has made a lot of difference to aches and pains after the runs


I find walking on 'rest' days helps to stretch the muscles. It doesn't really feel like exercise either


if ou could stand a cold bath after your run this would help cos this would speed up your recovery 5 mins if you could bear it!!

failing that go for a walk and keep active during the period after your run and continue the streches

swimming would help too


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