Blood sugar crash!

Attempted week 9 run 2 today. I don't usually run in the morning but did today as it's been so hot. I thought I'd try. Others seem to have luck with it. I didn't have a full breakfast as I was keen to get out before the sun was out. I thought a piece of toast and an apple might do. 16 minutes into the run however my blood sugar crashed and I crashed out. I sat shaky in a beautiful rose garden in the town gardens - there are worse places to ride out a sugar crash - which I term "blunking."

And let's throw hayfever into the mix too for good measure.

This was frustrating as run 1 went so well, even if I dawdled the last ten minutes.

I want to do a park run next weekend, which is 9am, so I need to get the timing and food right. I'll try again tomorrow - jumbo oats - lower GI than bread and cereals.

What do other morning runners do? What about food the night before? I think I loaded up too much on carbs too.


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13 Replies

  • Miles-yonder has the answer! Peanut butter on a rice cake (although I have had to change to almond butter on a rice cake, less cholesterol but still delicious)

  • I run on empty , but I know this doesn't suit everybody , just a glass of water does me for 5k

  • Hmm difficult one , cos what suits one may not suit another. For early morning runs I have a mug of tea and a bite of a banana, I always take a handful of jelly babies/Haribos/jelly beans in my running belt for when I finish and walk back. When I get back home, 2 pints of water and finish my banana. Maybe if you put some jelly babies in your pocket just in case ? :-) xxx

  • I have found it really hard to run/jog in the morning, I have tried 3 times and still not managed to finish any runs :( not sure what I am doing wrong x

  • Hi Net, do you have to stop because of pain or something else ? xxx

  • No, just don't see to be able to complete the runs. I don't have any energy I am too sure if it the weather, not drinking enough or food. I really struggle :( x

  • This weather is draining, I wonder maybe if youre dehydrated, or do you think you may be setting off too fast and exhausting yourself ? Or the head gremlins ? For the first ten or fifteen minutes of every run I get them , asking me "what are you doing ? you need to stop right now " I have a constant battle in my head with them, then deep breaths, try and keep calm and that seems to shut them up xxx

  • I had similar problems sorting out what to eat before a run although I don't run early, I usually run after work in the early evening. I've found I need to eat as I can't run on empty. I leave a good couple of hours after eating before running though.

  • I always run on empty as I rarely eat anything before 4pm.

  • I ran on Saturday morning on a banana and 2 glasses of water. I didn't manage to complete the run, but I think that was more to do with the heat, thirst and "the gremlins"! I did manage to do a combination of walk/run through the whole podcast so I don't think it was lack of food energy. I can't run/exercise on a full tum ... Think I'd be horribly sick ;)

  • I run empty and I don't have anything special the night before, sometimes it can be as rubbish as a dinner of spaghetti hoops on toast (I know rock n roll but I don't always have a big appetite but medication calls for food). Everyone is different, I can't even do a slice of toast an hour before I run it's all wrong for me. Experiment and you will find your balance.

  • I think it depends on you - I tend to run on nearly empty too - mug of redbush tea and gluten free digestive or a rice cake. I do run first thing and found that later on is not good for me.

    It seems that being hydrated and some form of carbohydrate is helpful for most, but it may be that time of day is important for you too.

    hope it goes well

  • I tried again with the jumbo oats with frozen raspberries. These are lower GI than normal oats, and release the energy more slowly. This worked for me. I can run on almost empty later in the day, perhaps with some glucose before hand i.e. jelly babies, but I couldn't do this in the morning. I'm definitely better with pure sugar later in the day.

    Bread isn't great for me as I have a mild wheat intolerance. It makes me tired. It's common. A lot of people skip to gluten free diets, when wheat alone is the culprit. Also a lot of people don't even know bread/ wheat affects them so much. Anyone tired after a sandwich?

    Anyway, two down, one to go, then I can graduate and the 9 week plan has only taken 11 weeks.

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