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2nd Run completed


Hi all .

I am running my first 5k on June 10th . Completed second run on couch to 5 k app today and felt great .Not managed to 2nd run in same week though but at least I have started .

Has been a slow start but wonder if any one has tips on motivation for running 3 times a week .? It’s hard enough doing once a week at the moment , lol .

I’m 47 years old have lymphadema of right leg and amputated right toe . I will do this though !

Does anyone know of any websites where people cheerlead each other to run ?

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Well done.

I think that this site is probably about as supportive as you find as far as cheerleading. Keep us posted and we will help you along the way.

The guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... offers general advice and may be helpful.

Enjoy your journey.


Take the advice of our wonderful IannodaTruffe and welcome... Slow and steady is the way...for all of us:)

You are your own motivation.. you are here, you have begun and we will be right here with you now, every step of the way :)

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