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6am Alarm


I did it, I actually got up at 6am and went for a run!! I have just completed my week 1 run 2 and must say it’s already starting to feel easier. My stitch didn’t kick in till run 7 and then I only had 1 run left to complete and yet again I’m still smiling! I feel chuffed that I did it, I spent most of the night waking up listening to rain or waking up to see if it was “run” time yet....not sure how long that enthusiasm will last but I’m back home eating a banana writing this (hoping if I post after every run it will help my self achievement) and about to get ready for the day.

Morning exercise fits me better, otherwise I sit at work all day dreading what’s coming after a full days work, this way round I know that if I wanted to I have the evening to socialise or more likely flake on the sofa but without feeling guilty!

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Well done! What a great start to the day! 😬

That’s brilliant, well done you ! Keep running and posting your progress. I have started week 5 and am absolutely loving the programme 😊

Well done on doing a morning run. It’s a great way to start the day and I always feel so virtuous when I have done one. The grin lasts all day

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