Crikey mikey that was the hardest yet.....Week 5 Run 2

Well I did it but it was a challenge. I found this one the hardest yet. Run 1 was easier this week. I am hoping the next run of 20 mins is better than two separate 8 minute segments as I have time to settle into my pace??? Also I normally run in the early morning before work whereas I ran after a full days work today which may have made it feel harder. Should I dread the 20 minute run and is it ok to still be going at a jogging pace rather than running pace at this stage in the programme?


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  • I find it is easier to do one run because every time you walk, you have to get ur pace again, so I think u will do the 20 minute fine, the programme is great, you can do this πŸ˜€

  • Thank you. That's reassuringx

  • Totally keep to running Aaliyah's you can. By which I mean, a running action as opposed to a walking action, but the slowest firm of it you can imagine. after which, I would just emphasise believe in yourself and trust the programme. You can go this, and you will do this, and you will feel amazing and will be rightly proud πŸ˜€ meantime if there is atoms of day which suits you better, stick to it. If you need two rest days rather than one, take them. But don't fear W5R3 so much that you don't do it- you can do this! πŸ˜€

  • Watch this space. I can do it is my new mantrax

  • If you stop on day 3, u will have to repeat it, get it out of the way and onto the next one! Nice and steady, slow down whatever it takes to finish

  • You can do this! Now is definitely NOT the time to speed up. If anything, go slower so that you complete the full 20 mins. Good luck'

  • Thank you so muchx

  • You can definitely do run 3. You will surprise yourself. It seems a huge step and it is but the programme somehow prepares you for it.

    You will feel so amazing after. For me, it was the best feeling of the whole programme.

    Jules xx

  • The more I read all your supportive comments the better I feel. I love this groupx

  • You can do it!

    I'm on week 9 and most of the time I am still jogging, just picking up speed for 5 minutes at the end if I feel like it. I haven't even considered pace; it's just been about completing the time required by the programme.

  • Good. I'll keep plodding!

  • definitely don't dread it and running at whatever pace to complete the timed runs is exactly what to do :D enjoy your rest day or days and then go out and enjoy the run :)

  • Cheers x

  • You'll be fine for the 20 minutes. Everyone feels the same at week five but it's amazing how much you can actually do at this stage. Definitely keep to your usual pace or even slow it down. You can work on speed later, just concentrating on making the 20 minutes is the main thing with the run/jog/shuffle. Enjoy it!

  • I really hope enjoy is the word I use tomorrow. Will let you all know

  • Just remember how far you have come. Was week 1 a struggle for you? I thought I was going to be sick on week 1, run one and I couldn't walk properly for six days afterwards so started back at the beginning and now tomorrow I am doing my big 20 minute run and to honest, I cannot wait!

    If it is getting tough, just slow it down. Good luck, let us know how you go :-D

  • Heading out in about half an hour! Will report backx

  • I did it! Chuffed to bits. Can't believe today I ran for 20 minutes when five weeks ago I could only run for 1 1/2 minutes. So happy. Week 6 here I come. Thanks everyone for your supportx

  • Well done!! :-)

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