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Awake well before the 5 am alarm!

I've been out of the game for a week for fear of slipping on the ice. I did a lot of walking in that time and saw plenty of folk out there running but I know what I'm like and even in my boots, which are a right pair of clodhoppers, I was far from sure footed in the ice and snow.

Anyway, at work yesterday, I had a text from Mrs Fingalo to tell me it was lashing down in town.

I should explain this isn't a regular occurrence, Mrs Fingalo isn't some kind of weather nut and isn't in the habit of sending me frequent meteorological updates, she was simply aware of my annoyance at being unable to run and knew I'd be delighted at the rain sweeping the ice and snow away.

That said, she does have a picture of Michael Fish on her bedside table....

The rain did turn to snow, then sleet by the time I got home but the job was done and while I was concerned it may freeze overnight, I made a last minute decision to set my alarm, deciding I'd check it out anyway.

As is the norm on a running day, I awoke before the bell but forced myself to lay on until it went, then jumped up, donned my gear and was out the door in fifteen, having taken a little longer than usual as I'd not laid out my stuff the night before.

I had already decided to go with the programme rather than up the ante. After the final run of Week 5 I'd seriously thought about doing two 20 minute runs in this Week before the 25 minuter it ends with but after taking some advice from fellow C25kers on here and because of the enforced break, I thought caution the better option.

It was nice and crisp out but all was okay underfoot and I was able to complete the run fairly easily, indeed I couldn't help adding a couple of minutes at the end. This included part of the gradual but lengthy incline up from the beachfront to the house as I'd noticed the local parkrun is a bit more uphill than I'd realised and am aware I have to start to tackle any psychological issues I may have developed due to my regular route being completely flat.

It felt really good to be back out there, Friday or Saturday for run 2 then end Week 6 on Monday. I've not checked but understand this is the end of the walking, have to say I'm quite pleased about that as I know Week 7 will be a real challenge.

Bring it on!

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YAY! Brillant. Fingalo is running again. Glad the snow didn't mess it up again.

(Michael Fish - :D )


Glad you had a good run, hope the rest of the week goes well too.


Cheers guys.

It really is a different feeling going out there knowing you can do what's asked of you, rather than hoping.

I meant to mention one slight niggle, it being that I'm slightly concerned about my left achilles as I felt it a wee bit today. Well I think I did, it may just be in my mind as it played up right at the very end of my last run and I might have been looking for it.

I'll just have to see how it goes.


Ps. That Michael Fish wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!


Ha ha! I'm more a Lucy Verasamy fan myself.....


If you havent already, maybe now is time to start stretching after your run? Keep well. Great news though, only one week run left of wk6. Well done :)


The thing is, I never get so much as a twinge after runs. I did check out some of the stretches though so perhaps you're right.


Me too until this stage. Maybe just some gentle stretches, nothing too much. Btw dear Lucy seems a charming girl. ;)


5am!! I thought there was only on 5 o'clock in the day!

Wish the snow would go away here, had some more today. Boo hiss! :-(


I would have said the same before this but I knew when I started it that coming in after a full days work and a long each way commute, that I'd never go back out for a run. Little did I know I'd grow to love it.


Oh yeah! Back in the game!

I always do my 5 min warm up then stretch, and the warm down and stretch, I can almost touch my toes! Without the need for medical intervention to get up!

It has helped me feel more normal? The day after.

All the best



So glad to be back in it I'm considering bringing my Saturday run forward to tomorrow. Partly because I'm concerned the snow might return but also because I just want to get out there again.


Isn't it funny how we begin to miss something we hated the thought of just short time ago.

Glad you are back in the game.


Thanks Trebes. No run this morning as my kit wasn't washed, tomorrow morning as usual so.


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