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Hi just done my first one. I really needed this incentive as I was hiding myself away indoors. Felt really pleased with myself and looking forward to Run 2. I realised as I was walking at the cool down that getting fit and eating better is my responsibility, I have given myself permission to blame my body, illness, mood swings. I kept giving up putting the blame on these things. I am not sure I will not do the same thing again, but if I do I will only have myself to blame. Here’s to taking responsibility for giving up or keeping going............I hope I don’t let myself down 😱

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Bravo... the empowerment from this programme is astonishing. Do share your triumphs (and tribulations) with us along the way.


Love your post. Honest and ballsy! Doing this is such a learning curve for me, generally in life if things are going ok then I'm good but if I falter or find things too tough my confidence crashes - and I give up! I've done that all my life. I'm 50 this year and told myself at the start of this programme to stick at it. I had a blip on Sunday with my first run of week6 - I'd done sooo well but I've been putting off today's run because I'm scared it's going to be difficult again and I might chuck it all in. Your post has made me stop and think. I'm going to go out there and do it. Youre right the only people from stopping us from doing this is us. Thank you for inspiring me 😊 We are all in this together! 🙌



Did you check this post out...

Well done you... this is great...keep posting and know you are going to benefit so much form this great plan:) Slow and steady as you go:)


Be like a dog with a bone 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️


Excellent, the realisation that so much of your health outcomes are in your own hands is a potent one, that will help you with all the challenges ahead.

Keep us posted.

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