Well, I did it. I am still alive and will recieve no bullying messages telling me off for not manning up and going out. Things I have learned:

1 - no matter how bitter the cold is a jacket is unecessary if it is dry as you will warm up LOTS

2 - 60 seconds is about how long I can run before I beg to be allowed to walk

3 - you CAN recover in 90 seconds


4 - Asda is closer than I think,I had to ad lib the second half of my run. I underestimated how far I'd get.

I didn't quite finish the last run - I slowed down to breathe a bit more and then Laura told me I'd finished running but I'm still very proud of myself. Hopefully thursdays run will be slightly easier.

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  • Good going Lulu, that sounds like a fabulous start. When I did week1 last week I was so relieved to hear laura say "time to slow down". :-) Heres to your second run on Thursday. Good luck.

  • Well done ... Keep up the good work. I felt EXACTLY the same as you a few weeks ago ... just managed the 25min run last night ... you can do it! :-)

  • Great attitude! Go you! :)

  • Great stuff, Lulu! I felt exactly the same when I started. Roll on run 2! :)

  • Awesome! I've just started week 2, hope the rest of your week goes well :)

  • Ha ha I love the list of lessons learnt :-)

    well done - keep it going :-)

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