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W1R1 - Complete! ✔︎

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So it was my first run of the C25K earlier. I use a park and ride so instead of getting the bus back (I tend to walk usually anyway) I decided to 'Listen to Laura' and do my first run.

I can't say the run itself was particularly enjoyable - it was hard work for me (I'm pretty unfit) - but I made sure that I was running for each of the 60 second blocks - and I'm dead proud I managed to finish it without giving up.

Whilst the run itself wasn't particularly fun - the feeling I got as soon as I finished was great. I could feel it in my chest, in my legs - along with the elation of actually sticking with it, I felt really good. After a 30 minute drive home my legs (inside thighs and calves) could really feel it. A nice hot shower when I got back helped.

Just one question though - when I'm running it feels like I'm landing flat on my feet and it's quite jarring, probably because I'm carrying a fair amount of weight! Is this usual, or should I look at different shoes, or changing my technique?

Thank you all for your comments and support earlier - it made sure I took the first of many steps to running 5K!

18 Replies
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That is brilliant. Well done you. I am just a learner myself so I am sure someone more expert than me can answer your running technique question. Good shoes certainly make a huge difference. You have taken the first step and it is the hardest. Take it slow and steady and you will be amazed how quickly you progress. Keep going .... looking forward to hearing all about your progress.

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fitnotfat in reply to Kmcm66

Thanks! Although it was hard work I'm looking forward to the next run on Monday!

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Well done you! You absolutely should feel proud. I promise that good feeling you had at the end is only going to get better and better throughout the programme!

The best advice I got was to try to mid foot strike and to make sure your foot lands beneath you when you stride instead of stretching forward. This made a world of difference to my running and helps me stay lighter on my feet. Remember, you don't need to go too fast so your strides can be as little as necessary so that your feet aren't slapping the floor.

I haven't done it yet (I'm actually hoping to go tomorrow) but everyone suggests getting a gait analysis to make sure the shoes support you in the right way for how you run.

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fitnotfat in reply to melly4012

Thanks Melly.

My steps are quite short and under my body and I'm not going at that much of a pace (probably only 50% over walking speed at a guess). Maybe it's down to my technique?

I'll be interested to hear how your gait analysis goes - it's not something I've thought of, but as I have pretty flat feet maybe it would be worth getting checked.

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melly4012Graduate in reply to fitnotfat

Yes, everyone recommends it so I think it will be helpful. I know I supinate so I really need some supportive shoes.

There's a load of knowledge and experience here so I'm sure some people may be able to give a little bit more info on running form. Well done again on your run!

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Well done for doing that difficult first run. That feeling you get at the end is definitely what keeps me going. No matter how the run goes- hard or easy, good or bad you an always have the I got out there and ran feeling!☺

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Well done fitnotfat - I still think that W1R1 is the most difficult part of C25K. I echo what melly4012 says- mid foot strike is safest, and gait analysis is recommended.

If you go to a specialist running shop, they have trainers that are properly cushioned for people like us that are carrying some extra kilos.

I also run with a very short step- I've read many time that you should use a "short" gait.

I'm quite tall and leggy, but if I try to extend my gait, I just get pain in my shins and rear knee tendons. Take it slowly, and shortly :)

Great, though, to hear you're getting a post-exercise rush- as dddd4 says- keeps me going too.

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Well done :-) I had lots of pain first week and had to take a week off because I didn't invest in shoes - didn't want to until i was committed!! Learned my lesson. Invest in gait analysis and buy some shoes that suit you - it really helps...and the advice about keeping it short and slow is great too - helped me no end - Good luck :-)

Well done you- soon you will be an addict, I do agree re the proper running shoes they make such a difference. I've had problems with my legs and my breathing but none with my feet!!

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Well done for getting out there!!

Don't neglect stretching and strengthening. Look on the NHS website, there's loads of stuff there. Strength and flex is good to do on a non running day. There will be aches and pains, but learning to stretch and strengthen your legs will really help to stop you getting injured!! Ice and ibuprofen are handy as well!!!

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fitnotfat in reply to Greylady1

Thanks for the tip - wish I'd seen this on Friday! I ached all weekend pretty much (thighs mostly) but actually it was a pretty nice reminder!

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Well done you're up and running !

Yes short steps , slow and steady is the way .

This programme really works and the benefits are immense .

Well done for today :-) xxx

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Hi well done on your first run, amazing isn't it. When I heard about gait analasis I thought uhh ohh expensive, I was really surprised I got a lovely pair of running shoes that suit my gait for £35. Good luck and keep posting.

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Well done fitnotfat😊 you have started..

Take it very slowly just a gentle jog is all that is needed. That foot slapping feeling may just be from the effort and feeling puffed out. Don't worry about this... its something that eases and gets better as you progress.

If you are just using old trainers and feel that you are a bit flat footed, its likely that you will need running shoes that are better suited. Gait analysis is done for free in a good running shop. They pop you on a treadmill and record your foot motion. Then they recommend the type of shoe you need. Its all about your foot supporting your knee properly.

You could possibly wait until week 3 to get this done as long as you go slowly and steady. Stretch your legs afterwards, drink plenty of water afterwards and take at least one rest day between runs.

Very excited for you. Good luck next time out. 😊

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Great that you're on your way - you won't regret this!

I think the general consensus (despite what Laura will tell you at some stage) is to aim to land mid foot. Someone one here described it as running like a ninja - small, light quiet steps to creep up on your target. This helped me visualise what was needed. Don't bother about running fast at this stage.

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Yes - short light steps, landing mid-foot. Your running technique will improve as you go, but try not to go up and down too much as you run. Laura describes it in a later run as imagining you are running next to a hedge and that someone on the other side of the hedge doesn't see your head going up and down. That should help lessen the impact on the ground.

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Well done! If you can afford it I'd have gait analysis for decent shoes. I have to say I always feel like my feet land like that and I'm no expert to advise you there. However as you lose the weight your legs will feel lighter which will naturally change how that feels. 😎

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Thank you all for the lovely comments! It's great to have a supporting community and means I've got no excuse to get back out there! Unfortunately due to family/work commitments I can't go again until Wednesday and then Friday - but looking forward to it already!

The theme for the weekend was aching! But it was a good ache - my thighs particularly felt achey, but not painful - meaning it was a good reminder of what I'd done on Friday!

I am just using my normal trainers at the moment, and have had had problems with my feet in the past (weak ankle, plantar fasciitis, and pulling a tiny muscle on my heel) - but that said my feet/ankles didn't hurt at all which is a relief!

I'll carry on this week in my normal shoes, and assuming I make it (I will!) my treat will be to get gait analysis and some new shoes to help me in the following weeks.

Thanks again for all your support - I'm looking forward to being an active member of the forum, and an even more active runner!

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