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Did first run today and knees and shins really sore now, is this normal?


I am really pleased to say that I did day 1 today, found run 4 the hardest but just about managed and really proud. Haven't done any exercise for some time, prior to my little boy I used to do quite a bit so today was a shock to the system but I feel this offers flexibility that classes etc don't. I am now finding my knees and shins are sore (not shin splints as had them before) is this to be expected? Am thinking that tomorrow I might suffer!! Thank you and very glad I found this site

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Absolutely normal Tiny21. Not necessarily knees or shins. Sometimes ankles. Or calves. Or something else. I was pretty fit & active when I did W1R1 but could hardly walk the next day. If you haven't run for some years then W1R1 is really quite a shock to the body. So don't worry or let it put you off. Take an extra day's rest before your next run if your are still in discomfort. Well done for starting & welcome to the forum by-the-way.


Thank you,,bit worried may wobble out of bed!! Hopefully by Sunday will be ready to go again. Any hints to help with any pain?


I have not had any real pain - only aches and stiffness. I don't take anything but would probably use Ibuprofen or similar combined pain-killler & anti-inflammatory if I needed it. However if you are in real pain I think you should stop running until it has gone completely and maybe see the quack if it returns. If you have 'bad knees' already you may do yourself real damage by trying to run through it.


Also make sure your shoes are suitable. I got mine sorted before c25k when I was having problems with doing Jog Scotland. I had big problems with glutes and hamstrings, but gait analysis & new trainers sorted it. I am also trying to wean myself off a knee support.

Take it steady though, it is sooo worth it.


I could barely walk after the first session and hobbled round the second with sore hips knees etc but then it got better. Any exercise after a break will take a bit of getting used to.


I just did my W1R2 this morning and I was the same. I must admit I found the second run pretty hard going at first with the aches and pains! Hopefully it will get easier :)

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Well done for getting started. I'm given to understand that aches and pains are normal at first. I didn't feel anything like this and can only assume it was because I was doing Pilates exercises for some time before I started this programme. Lots of people recommend Pilates (or yoga) as suitable exercise for non-running days so maybe that is something for you to consider. Good luck with your second run - you will get used to it, I promise. Best wishes.


Thank you all, surprisingly the only pain I have today is my back which is an ongoing problem and I have physio exercises for it. My knees and legs are ok. I am looking into Pilates to help strengthen my core. I think aches are to be expected when I am

going from zero. I do have decent shoes that I got advise on as felt that was important. When I used to play tennis my knee would get aggravated, hopefully it will be ok. Weather might determine run 2 as not got waterproof stuff yet but will do Sat or Sunday. Thank you, great to have this support. Keep running!


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