What to do if you are still young, but really weak and slow?

I am in my 30's, but am probably having as challenging a time of it as someone much, much older: I have exercise-induced asthma, patellafemoral disorder, foot problems, custom orthotics and a weak cardiovascular system. A little more than a year ago, I needed a cane to walk. I can walk unassisted now (after physio and with orthotics), but I am finding even week 1 to be all but killing me. If I can finish week 1, what will I need to do to progress? Is there a remedial version for people who are barely even at the "Couch" level for Couch to 5k? Are there ways to make it easier without quitting or cheating?


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  • hello and welcome. Have you discussed with your Dr about doing the programme?

  • Definitely a good point. I have a few doctors (probably not surprising), and discussed this plan with at least 2 of them, but I may include at least one more (my primary care doc). The medical staff I talked to so far said to go for it, but I ask for further evaluation if I hit too much of a wall.

  • What Bxster said, see your Doc. But... Perhaps keep repeating week one for as long as you need, until you're more comfortable with it. Only then move on to week two, and do the same. Nine weeks might turn into nine months, but progress is progress. Just a thought.

  • I have a friend who is doing this in stages. she is in her late 50s & decided to do each week over a month period when she walks her dog. she looked at each week as a stepping stone to the next & didnt want to feel that the next step was too much & then give up.

  • That is really good advice too. I will try to re-align my expectations to set myself up for success.

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