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Just started...running for life


I’m 56 male. Have controlled epilepsy, recently been told I’m pre-diabetic and my cholesterol is 6.2. I’m 6ft and just over 15st . I’m a working father of 4, IT business consultant with a fair amount of stress. Never been able to run properly but envy those who can. My objectives are to get to 5k, lose weight, reduce cholesterol, never get to diabetic level, and hopefully keep my epilepsy under control. I’m determined to change my lifestyle to enjoy a long and mobile retirement when it comes 😅

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This is the best thing for stress! I’m a teacher and this has helped me loads. I go out at 8:30 ish at night usually on Tuesday and Thursday as that’s the only time I can fit it in, but I love it! Last run in ParkRun on Saturday. It’s non time consuming and doable and it works! I have never been a runner - even in my fit pre child years - yet now I’m moving onto 28 mins, and you will too. Well done on starting. Set your run days, try not to miss any, and you’ll reap huge benefits quickly.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Tasha99

We can all make serious in-roads into improving our health and C25k is a good place to start

Food, drink, exercise ! You are in control of all three ! Oh and sleep! Four 😁

Good luck! Slow and steady is all that’s required

JullalyGraduate in reply to Tasha99

im a teacher too and will find C25K a perfect de - stresser ..my daughter who is also a teacher is part of a C25K teacher group from her school. They have all benefitted from this in stress levels


A thousand calories for a week of C25K? I guess some of the zippier ones will do that towards the end of the programme, especially if you include those burned in the 10 minutes of walking either end. What do others think?

Tbae in reply to GoogleMe

I deliberately removed my advice to the poster, not because it was inaccurate or misleading, simply because the estimate of 1000 cals/ week was challenged and opened up to the forum by you.🤔

It was sincere and experienced advice.As a novice runner I am just now accumulating data.But I am not a novice on calorie burning with gym kit for example.Not an expert either.🤔

The main reason for responding to you, really two,

My Strava is indicating that I am burning 500 cals / Run, so 1500 / week.🤔Just running , nothing else.🤔

Second, as I am very cautious with my pace at present, and as a result, it obviously takes a lot longer to cover minimum 5k.🤔You seem to think that the quicker you do it you may burn more calories.🤔Very complex,I could go on but this not a weight loss programme strictly.🙈

All this stuff as you know is unique to individuals, and their starting/ present position.🤔

As someone who has pursued a fasting plus exercise regime simultaneously that resulted in a weekly deficit of basically half rations ,7000 cals/ week deficit🤔

In following this very extreme regime, I was pleased to unload nearly 3 stone,put myself in a position that I will never return to, got my exercise regime sorted out and my running journey underway.🤔

Personally at my age I will never have to repeat that👍.

Anything I contribute in this forum and to any poster, is done with the utmost respect , sincerity and general accuracy that is meant to contribute to their successful journey.

I think you have misunderstood and are not totally correct with your thinking on calorie burning and your statement.🤔

Very sincerely




Check this out... lots of great advice.. and welcome:)

The mantra is slow and steady and know that it works. A healthy eating regime, linked with this is a perfect combination.

Maybe, if you have time check out, The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Mosley. We tweaked our already healthy eating regime.. to support husband's Type 2 Diabetes... we don't fast and we eat more carbs, but it is a great starting place to think about lessening the chance of your getting Diabetes.. ( It is less of a diet and more an eating guide.. the recipe book that goes with this has some great stuff in there..)

The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book

by Clare Bailey and Sarah Schenker

( and no, I am not getting commission) Just pleased, as my husband, of 71, has over the last two years had meds reduced and his check up results are virtually amazing and rarely seen in a man of his age! You are a mere babe in comparison :)

Take your time... one step at a time and keep posting:) You can do this and really well done for beginning this great programme:)


Thanks for your kind support


Yes, I’m a big fan of 5:2 and previously lost over a stone. Back on it again


Hi Kevthekelt. I tipped over to being diabetic after being warned I was on the cusp. Don’t do it!!! It’s been a pain in the arris over the last few years for one reason or another. I’m now addressing it with Weight Watchers and C25K. It seems to be working and I can’t wait to get my blood test results later this month. Go for it!!!

KevthekeltGraduate in reply to WalkingWithLabradors

Thank you, I feel lucky that hopefully I’ve caught it in time 🤞🏻

WalkingWithLabradorsGraduate in reply to Kevthekelt

I hope, for your sake, that you have. I’m sick of having to make regular appointments and take 3 lots of different meds! A constant reminder of having to be careful with your diet!! Go for it!


Here we go, third run 👍🏻


Im only on week 3 of C25K but its making a massive difference to my health. I have lost over 3 stone in past couple of years ..slowly but surely, my blood sugar levels and cholesterol are so much better.

Good luck Kev- how did you get on?

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