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Sunshine and Sinuses


So doing the whole program again from scratch. Wk1 completed. Good to be back out.

Today was W2R1 and what a day for it. Glorious blue skies with big fluffy March clouds and enough of a breeze that meant it was enough to keep me cool during the run but not to be too cold during the walking. Even the leggings were off and it was shorts only. I looked like a neon yellow 2 pin plug!

Up to the fields and forests. 120dB MJ greeting and I'm away.

What a beautiful day. The catkins on the trees are all opening and spring is in the air. But wait....there is something else in the air.

The farmer is getting ready to spread the fields and so now, along the 800m Lane of Pain incline is a lot of manure. And I mean a LOT of manure. And typically it is just as MJ tells me to start my next 90 second run.

So I am getting my breathing back to normal right from Wk1 this time around which means it is big lungfuls through the nose. Ahh....that smell of the country. My eyes were burning!!

I know we encourage everyone to take it nice and slow and then slow down a bit more but I admit I may have upped my pace slightly. And then with this monolithic mile of poo seeming to never end I get told to slow down to a brisk walk. It bl**dy well was brisk I can tell you.

May take the route through the forest on Saturday.

Enjoy the journey.


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Hi GingerBohemian , long time no see. Great post, I know I hadn't see any posts from you in a while but I didn't realise you were having a break. I hope all is well. You've done this before so you should be able to draw on your banked fitness surely.

Hope the forest is less pungent for your next run. :-)

GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to Razouski

Hi Raz

Long sickness then xmas then work then CZ winter. A bit like your beast from the east but for 4 months. Anyway, decided to start again from W1 as I enjoyed it so much last time and hopefully can help a few jofflers along the way. :)

I went to Prague at the beginning of March for the best part of a week and although there was no snow, I really understand how desperately cold your winters are. It was -9 degrees at lunch time, and we were togged up in so many layers it was hard to move. And then when we went inside for a coffee or lunch we'd spend an age taking most of it off, before we could cope with the ambient temperature inside. Anyway, it's good that you're thawed out and starting the programme again. ;-)

GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to Razouski

You were here?! You should have said! I would have made the trip to the big city

Oh, I didn’t think. 🤦🏽‍♀️We could have met for a 🍻. I don’t usually like beer but had some lovely stuff there.


Well hello GingerBohemian ...or should I call you 3amp?? The mist of manure isn’t a good one, that’s happened to me once too...nearly passed out, I’m sure I had to hold my breath for 5 minutes!! That’s what it felt like anyway!! Well done on surviving the stench...your poor nostrils!! Welcome back too, it’s good to hear from you again 😉

Love it! I was about to say what a lovely photo that was before I’d actually read your message 😂 💩 😷

Hey, missed you GB. I don't like it when people disappear, I worry that they have stopped running! So, really good to see that you are back again. I have missed your funny running posts, so good to see you are back with the poo mile :)

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