Couch to 5K

Run and jog.......... till you reach that hill!

Tried a new run today, passed the golf course, slight hill ..........not too bad. Into the countryside. Just me the cows, fields and farms, smell of manure hassling my nostrils. The run was brilliant, lots of down hill parts, no sign of cars or people, was really enjoying it when the brain and legs realised, in order to go downhill as some point on the way back, you need to go uphill. It was like jogging up Everest!

3 stops to walk as some point. I got there in the end 5.4km in 38 mins so pleased.

But now the challenge is there. Been avoiding hills at all costs. So this one is one I want to conquer

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sort of glad that I live on the Someset Levels!


We did some hill sessions at running club last night - it was nice to have the challenge. If I've needed to walk while on a run, I've always tried to walk and recover a little on the easy, flat bits, then make myself run (jog slowly) up the hills. Nevertheless, "proper" hill sessions with a coach were great and I'm looking forward to next time.

Good luck with your hill practices !


I used to hate ups but made myself do them more recently, then I found the steep downs were almost as scary, its the leaning forward that frightens the daylights out of me!! Well done Burstcouch good time for your ups and downs run. Its supposed to get easier, only time will tell. :)


I still struggle with the hills, i completed the program on the flat seafront, They are a challenge keep at it


Well done, hills are b*ggers ! Despite living in hilly south wales and despite having developed a real love for hillwalking, I avoid them whenever I can when I run, its coastal paths and canal paths for me and my dog!


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