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We're going to need a bigger boat

Or a longer road at least!

W8R1 today.

The morning mist and fog had cleared and it was a beautiful autumnal morning.

Blue skies. Sunny. 14C. Perfect.

So off I went and parked up at the usual spot and with my new C25K RUN list on Spotify and MJ booming away in my ears I set off.

Turns out that the yellow long sleeve running top means that as well as any cars seeing me (although I run through fields so my only concern would be a tractor!) I am also highly visible to midges and butterflies.

My apologies to the two cyclists whoever you were. To have my portly frame puffing away, arms flailing around my head screaming 'LEAVE ME ALONE' scared the hell out of them I think but it worked as the butterflies decided multicoloured spandex was more of an appealing target.

The slope up the Lane of Pain didnt seem quite as bad today for some reason and when I got to the turn back point of the village sign my half way bell had not even rung. Weird.

And then I realised, without even knowing it I must just be a teesny weensy bit quicker. But I just kept plodding along at my usual rhythmic pace. The Prodigy's 'Breathe' playing in my ears telling me 'Inhale! Inhale!'

It was only when I was getting down to the final bend that gets me off the fields and back onto tarmac that I was wondering how much further. Not because I was tired or anything but because I was running out of road. And then I could even see the car!

And then finally MJ chirped up and told me to start walking. But I was nearly at the car. So I had to turn around and start retracing the track so that I could do my 5 min walk down.

So on Friday it looks like I'm going to have to go past the village sign and see whats in the next village.

But what I can see on my phone though is cool. I can see my next run AND the podium cup on the same screen for the first time!!

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Oh yes... there is a whole world out there.. and you see, when we tell folk they will be running further... it is true :) You are doing brilliantly and getting so, so close now.. :)

Very well done you! Such a great post... and I feel a cartoon coming on... you and midges ? It is a while since I did one :) Would you mind ? :)


The one in this post was a nasty gremlin belonging to mfamilias :)

Take it slow and steady as you run your way to the podium..enjoy the longer runs and your happy pace:)

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hahaha. That cartoon is excellent. Add some tattoos and the beard and glasses and that was me 8 weeks ago

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Never.... Bet you are much nicer than Gary!!!! I assume you are a he... ?


The facial hair on the profile pic.....

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So the slope didn't seem as bad, you ran a teensy bit quicker and you ran further............something must be happening here.

Great progress and good luck on the new longer route.


Woo hoo!! Fab post, you’ll be running up and down the M1 soon!!!! Lol 🏃🏻


I'll need to run up to the border with Germany, through Germany, through Holland, through Belgium, through France, swim the channel, run up to London and around the M25 before I can :)

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Ha ha....you might yet!!! 🏃🏻

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