My sweet running, I've missed you!

My sweet running, I've missed you!

Had a great run this morning, first for a week, what with an ear problem and travelling back to UK, very happy to be home! The sun was shining, a lovely day for a run along the river Cam. Nearly came a cropper when my jacket which was tied around my waist suddenly slipped down to my knees, would have thought my hips were big enough to stop that happening!

A first! I overtook another runner today! Silly girl was running next to me on the path and veered across in front of me. I was so cross I put my foot down and burned her off!

I turned a corner and found a herd of curious cows, they all came over to have a look at me, didn't expect to find that just outside Cambridge centre!

EDIT - I should have added these are on common land, there are no fields or farms in central Cambridge

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  • Aw fab ! I have cows in a field near me , love 'em. Theyre always dead nosy aren't they ?

    I just shout " Morning Ladies " to them ha ha :-)

    Hey get you Curly, leaving another runner for dust !

    Lovely happy post ! :-) xxx

  • You and me both (re the shouting hello to farm animals). When I pass the field with sheep and lamb I shout "morning ladies and babies"; I'm convinced they like that.

  • Aw that's so nice Tomas xxx

  • There are goats near where I run in France I always say baaahhh!

  • Ha ha , I like goats too , Baaaahh ! :-) xxx

  • These are massive, at least 6 feet long, and stand about 3 feet high...mutants I tell you...

  • Ah, but think of all the lovely cheese ! :-) xxx

  • They can't understand you then! French goats say bêêê :-)

  • Do they now? I'll try that when I get back, thank you!

  • Only try that if you have time to waste, French goats can be very talkative ;-)

  • Did you run past the Travelodge on Newmarket Rd this morning around 07:30? If so I might have seen you :) I was stuck at the start of a endless road of traffic lights :(

    I like the Cam, we do the Dragon Boat there every September.

  • It was a bit later, but yes I ran down Newmarket Road!

  • Sounds good Curly.

    Those cows are in a definite defensive formation. The probably though you were coming to steal their lovely grass.

  • Oh yes, I always chew a bit of grass if I see some...

  • Aww, gotta love a bit of wildlife on the run. Makes it all a bit magic, I think.

    tsk, what a dope that girl. Good that you taught her a lesson! Talking about which, did you see the post a little further down the forum about someone running around on the outskirts of Cambridge being overtaken by a "swishy ponytail" with her nose in the air? A coincidence, I'm sure.

  • Welcome back to Blighty, Curly. Overtaking is a wonderful feeling isn't it (not that I've experienced it that often!) Think I'd have broken the 4minute Mile if I'd come face to face with a herd of cows, I'm terrified of 'em. Scary incident in childhood. Don't ask. Oh no, now I'm thinking about it. *Deep breaths! Don't think about the cows!!!* ;)

  • Nice post Curly and a lovely pic too! The hips don't lie you know. Well done getting a sprint on like that, sometimes people need to be shown what we're made of x :-)

  • Nice one curly, and I love the new profile piccy :)

  • Oooh, could have been a case of run rage Curly, still better to show a clean pair of heels than some undignified hand gestures.

  • Lovely to see you back CG. I missed your posts. Well done on overtaking that little hussy. She deserved it taking on a C25K'er like that! Honestly!

    Your piccie reminds me of a joke:

    Two cows are in a field chewing grass. One says to the other,"are you worried about this foot and mouth disease?". The other cow says, "no why should I? I'm a duck".


  • I told this joke wrong!!! The first cow says "are you worried about this mad cow disease? I'm better telling them than typing them!

  • Ah, la vache fol Anglaise...

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