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Clumsy run- sea/see legs ?

Despite being a little tired I decided that run day is run day so off I went. A lot of rain fell this weekend, a rather large puddle straddled the track where I run . I’ll kiss the ground said I and just nimbly skip round the edge. First toe in found it was not a puddle but a large muddy hole into which my foot disappeared and although I tried to quickly land the other foot on safe ground a large bramble snared my ankle and I pitched forward . I give thanks to my yoga teacher for my improved balance and managed to avoid face down dog in said puddle. The rest of the run had the lovely rhythm of squelch slap to each step. I gave up at 30 mins as I could barely lift my feet I was so tired, then my warm down walk had me listing to the left so severely I tried to remember if I’d been drinking. I’m jolly glad of the garden fences and hedges on the way home that preventing me from veering off the straight and narrow.

When I got home I found out theat my running socks were inside out, surely I can’t blame that on my my wobbly run, more like tireditis and I should have waited till tomorrow...

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Great post and a great run... I love that squelchy foot thing.... you did brilliantly!


"run day is run day" love that attitude, well done and yes I'm sure it was the inside out socks


I love your attitude, run day is run day... when I am tired I start running like Mrs Overall of Acorn Antiques, so when she visits I know it’s time to stop! Maybe your left hand listing is a Tower of Pisa equivalent ...


Mrs overall 😂😂

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