Week 8 run 2? Oh who cares its raining!!

No body said, I ain't going out in that you can't make me. No head said, I ain't going out in that you'll kill youself falling over in a puddle...... So I had breakfast and looked glumly out of the window at the rain. To cheer myself up I came on here to look at what other people were up to and did a search on 'raining'. It seems there's a lot of you out there running in the rain.... Right said heart, we're going!! Oh s*** said the others, but but but...

Running gear on, Laura in my ear and off we went.

Strangley the rain didn't feel anywhere near as heavy as it had sounded. 5mins in and I didn't really feel wet at all. Okay lets run and off we went. A couple of minutes to settle in and I was feeling pretty good. 20mins in and the heavens opened for real. OMG I was soaked!! If I hadn't been huffing and puffing so much I would have been laughing my head off. I must have looked a fright. Soaked to the skin in my bright pink top, huge smile on my face trying to see where I was going. See if you can increase your pace says Laura, no I thought I really don't need to be sitting on my bum in a puddle. I'll just be glad to finish. What a brilliant run. I'm so glad we have this site. I would have missed out on that run if it hadn't been for you guys out there who had already done it, and blogged about it. Thank you!!


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  • Well done AnnaDJ! I can't believe that in 10 weeks of running I still haven't had the pleasure of runnning in the rain!

  • Well done, AnnaDJ. Good on ya for getting out there and doing the demanding W8R2! I haven't actually run in the rain ever but got soaked and chilled during a warm down walk when the heavens opened, not the most pleasant experience.. Next time I'm scheduled to run and it's raining I'll think of your blog and it'll get me out there. Only 4 runs left!

  • It's the warm up that's the worst when you go out and it's pouring. It makes me cut back or skip the warm up.

    It's quite nice when it rains once your already going, it cools you down.

  • Yes, it's very tempting to go straight to running when it's wet and cool. Nice to have some summer rain when you're running though.

  • I'm actually looking forward to running in the rain - though I am imagining hot summer rain which cools you rather than the heavy autumn rain accompanied by gale force winds and leaves blowing in your face!

  • I love running in the rain and actually timed my run last night when the big grey clouds came rolling on in. The running kit goes straight into the wash when I get back anyway so I like to see it as a prewash!

    Not so sure if I will be as keen when it's cold, winter rain though!!

  • Well done Anna (and body). :) I wouldn't have chosen to go out and exercise in the rain before c25k (it would have been the perfect excuse to stay indoors!) but now the only difference the rain makes is that I have to wrap my mp3 player in a bag before I go. Summer rain is quite nice to run in. :) Not sure how I'll feel about rain when the temp drops over the autumn. I guess I'll have to invest in some proper running gear.

  • I love running it the rain! I much prefer it to the heat!

  • Who'd have though we'd be saying all this pre C25K? I think we've all gone nuts but I'm rather enjoying my new nutty life. ;-)

  • Me too. :-/ I only wish I'd discovered it sooner.

  • good for you! It was downpours here too this morning so I got in the car and drove to some woods to run. By the time I got there the rain had eased so i'm still none the wiser whether running in woods in the rain is any better than running on the top of a hill exposed to the elements (where I usually go).

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