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Was the wettest Bankholiday the right time to start this?

I’ve been going out on walks but feel the need to run! “Do it” I hear you say! Yeah right!! So this evening I’ve downloaded the app!

So this is me... 6ft 2 18.4 stone and ready to go! I can’t even get past my knees let alone touch my toes!! So essentially I want to be able to do a park run and touch my toes! Thing is I can’t find any stretching apps for beginners!!

Hopefully during the C25K I’ll get some advice!

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I found the 5 minute walk at the start was enough to warm up - just keep going - I really wasn't a fan of running before starting the C25K but I'm really seeing the benefit after 8 1/2 weeks.

Hey, welcome SquareBear. I’m not sure there ever is a right or wrong time to begin, but kudos to you for taking the step. This is a massive favour you’ve done for your future self. Just follow the program stages and you should be fine. It is really well designed. As for the stretching you will get some great advice from the admins soon enough. I just do a bit of gentle stretching after each run. The warmup walk should be enough to begin the runs in these early stages. It may be hard at times later on, but most anything really worthwhile usually is. And this really is a worthwhile thing. No pressure, just enjoy it for now. 👍🏼🙂


Welcome... to one of the best things you will every do :) 'Advice... there is loads of it.... and support and tips:)

Check this essential reading out for Newbies...

The mantra is steady and slow... listen to your body and take your rest days ! Warm up really well and stretch after each and every run...

Many of us use and used Strength and Flex alongside the programme and found it really helpful:)

So... lots of helpful information here... keep posting, take it gently and enjoy... :)


Good luck and watch’s addictive!! Happy running 🏃‍♂️💪🏻

You've done the hard bit - made the decision. Now do the first run 😊 I found a stretching app easily; you don't have to be able to do the full stretch, just go as far as you can. Happy Running (and stretching!)

Could you find ant yoga / pilates clases? You would be surrounded by an encouraging group only too happy to help you touch your toes.


Hello and welcome. Oldfloss has given you great advice!

I do more of an ‘all joints ‘ warm up before I leave the house, then the five minute walk. The post run stretches will help your aim to be more flexible but dont over stretch, it shouldnt be painful.

Yoga is a great idea to aid flexibilty but also for building core strength.

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