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Hi everybody it’s my first post! I’m just about to do week 9 run 1 today.... nearly there yay! Never thought I would get this far as I’ve tried so many times before and failed.however this time I have a reason to stick at it.

Last year my lovely mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer, so i decided to try and raise money for cancer research and am doing a muddy 5km run in July 😩😩😂😂

Wish me luck 🙏🏻☘️

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What a lovely thing to do - all the best to both you and your mum :) and well done for getting this far! You've done an amazing thing!

Thanks 😊😊 x

Gosh where have you been, doing the programme all on your own.

What a star you are.

Just lovely.🌟👏👏

Best wishes with your Mum’s recovery and your fund raising.

Atb. You are one courageous lady.

Cheering you onto the podium.💫🏃‍♀️💫👏👏

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MissNickyp in reply to Tbae

I think I’ve been so busy running! I didn’t know this forum existed 😂😂 oh well I’m here now better late than never I guess!! 😂😂 x

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Tbae in reply to MissNickyp

Yes you are not alone there.👍

Oh yes and welcome.💫🏃‍♀️💫

This is the only place to be.🌟👏👏

Have you had a chance to look around, FAQ Posts,tips, other communities. Etc.

A gift to the world.NHS One You/ HealthUnlocked.🌟👏👏

Hi and welcome! What a great thing doing it on your own and now emerging.😊 Very sorry about yours mums diagnosis but what a wonderful daughter to raise money for the cause.

Don’t go away now. Lots of support and friendliness on this forum. 👍🏼😬

Thank you 😊 now I found you all I’m not going anywhere 😂😂 x

Good luck with your last few runs! X

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Well done getting this far “unsupported” and good luck with the runs to come.

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MissNickyp in reply to Jay66UK

Thank you 😊

Good luck ☺

Good luck with week 9 and with the muddy run! You are raising money for such a great cause. Best wishes to your Mum 😊

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MissNickyp in reply to owmeknees

Thanks 😊

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Hi I did mine this morning so we are at the same stage, good luck with the next two runs and your muddy run 😁

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MissNickyp in reply to deezys

Just finished mine! Can’t believe how good I feel after! 😊 thanks

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Good luck love. Well done on getting this far and wishing mum well. 👍👍👍

Thanks so much for all the support! 😊

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