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Run will be repeated

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After over week of another issue with my not so resistant respiratory trackt, I decided not to go for a run. I was to do W7R2. Easter Monday 'morning', meaning 9am, was rainy. I was looking through the window and discussing with my Gremlins. I decided not to wuss. I put on my running cap for rainy days (I bought it only for this purpose). Although I look ridiculous in it, it does its job - I can see even with my glasses on :) and my face is wet only or predominantly from my sweat and not rain :P

A glass o honey-lemon water, proper warm up at home, 3min warm-up walk, and it was time to run. It was going pretty good, but approx 5min into it I had to make 30-60se walking break - no breath, runny nose fixed. OK, I can do it. But after another 4min or so I needed a proper walking break - about 3min. After almost full recovery walk, off I went. I dig deep, I pushed myself through the moments I wanted to take a shortcut or have another walking break. I was picking new spots to get only till the side road, only to the Police HQ, only to the Polish shop, only to the corner, only to the football field, only... Only till the end of my run. I made it :)

Considering the break, and that I went out today with open mind, knowing I will do what I can bring aware of my not perfect health and a week of not moving, waking less healthy, and weekend indulgence in fatty food and chocolate. I did better than expected :)

Next run I will repeat it hopefully without the walking breaks this time.

Happy running!

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Great attitude Iga.🌟👏👏

More miles into those legs and lungs and more info from your training run.👍

Watch out for info overload Iga.🤔👏👏🙈😂😂

Keep it simple, you are a trooper and your going to do this.🏃‍♀️🌟👏👏

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Tbae

Thank you :)

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Well done you... I would not be without my cap when the weather is warm enough! Rain or shine:)

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I love sun, so I'll continue running capless till I will be able to go for an hour r longer run ;)

But in rain, it is my saver. Thank to anybody who suggested it in one of the forum posts long time ago.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to IgaT

I love sun..but not heat stroke:) They are brilliant... :)

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You did great Iga, keep going !

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you :) That's the plan ;)

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What kind of cap??? Well done, btw.

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Gillma

Simple black Karrimor Run cap :)

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