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Exercise on days off


Just done W5R3 which was hard work, have been pushing myself a little too hard I reckon, had always had a rest day off until Saturday when I did a parkrun (8m run, 5m walk, 8m run, 5m walk, 8m run) after W5R2 on Friday. Still tender today but pushed on and it turned out it wasn't the best...

Anyway, I am frustrated by not doing anything on days off. What can I do? Is non impact stuff ok? Swimming/cycling/cross trainer? My bike is knackered but info have a cross trainer at home...

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I think as long as the activity is low impact then it’s fine. Yoga, swimming, cycling are all good. I personally go to the gym and lift weights which helps build those strong legs so I would recommend that ☺️

Non-impact stuff is fine, but try to have a day of full rest! Try and get a bit of strength work in there also!


It tells you here....



Swim, cycle, climb, walk, garden, yoga, squats.. strength and stamina, the idea is that you should... do exercise on non run days... building up strength and stamina is essential especially as the runs get longer:)


Read the guide to the plan that davelinks has linked to for basic advice and get yourself active on your rest day. It will make you a better runner than running every day. Rest days from running are crucial to new runners........please take them.


Thanks all, have learned a lesson over this weekend. Will take it easier but maybe a bit of swimming or cross trainer (cardio but low impact) on rest days. Will let my body be my guide!

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