Workouts for ‘Rest Days’

What’s the best exercise to do on your in-between days? I miss the cardio high on my non-run days. I’ve been sticking to the cross trainer as its low impact but the thing is, my legs aren’t achy or tired feeling the day after a run (I’ve just completed wk1r3 so that might change, but have been running 30 second intervals for a month or so before I started c25k).

The thing is, I can’t get my heart rate up on a cross trainer enough to get that lovely sweaty euphoric feeling you get from running intervals.

Any suggestions for something I could try at the gym during the week? I go hill climbing at the weekends if the weather's been ok for a few days. In Scotland that's pretty hit or miss tho!


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17 Replies

  • Exercise bike? Take a spin class, swimming lengths or aquaerobics is another common "rest day" exercise, do some yoga, walking.

    Fitness blender have some good 15-20 minute superset workouts you can do at home or in the gym with and without equipment.

  • You don't have to have cardio work on rest days and in fact strengthening work will be more beneficial to your running body. jamsammich 's suggestions are all good or what about weights or Pilates?

    If you really need a cardio high then put a hill setting on the exercise bike or head to the rowing machine. Again you can adjust the settings on this to give you a good workout.

  • Thanks. I've never tried the bike, might give that a bash.

    I try to do yoga 3 days a week and a bum, tum & thigh dvd twice a week to build strength.

    I do love the buzz from cardio though 😁. Its addictive.

  • i do alot of rowing . 3 k usually takes me 15 mins and it has more benefits all over than running . But we love our running right :) Bit of cross fit does the trick too. :)

  • I feel silly rowing as I'm not great at it, especially if the gyms busy. I saw a cross fit center near me. I like the idea of it. Does it help with strength/endurace in general or is it mostly hype?

  • If not rowing then cycling. And you have options on the type of bile at a gym. Usually 3 variants. One with a saddle , one with a seat and then there is the spin class bikes. And i think the idea with cross fit is all round fitness . Ive not tried a dedicated class ill admit.

  • I will give the bike a bash next time, thanks. Might try crossfit too. I tried burpees once and do not have the upper body strength 😔. Would be nice to improve overall fitness too

  • "yet" You dont have the upper body strentgh "yet"

  • Yet 😶. Soon hopefully. Thanks again!

  • anytime. Im a grad for like 2 weeks but i really am quite unfit so its all learning for me too :)

  • Way fitter than those on the sofa 😁. Congrats on graduating. Thats a huge acheivement x

  • thanks. And heres to yours in a couple months . Good luck :D

  • Yay for Crossfit. That will certainly use up any excess energy you have and improve overall fitness no end.

  • You've twisted my arm. I'll sign up to the beginners classes next week.

  • It's addictive, mind. I had a year off due to illness then went back a couple of weeks ago to just do the Crossfit Lite for over 40s class on a Sunday, and then somehow found I have been 5 days a week since. On top of my other training.

  • I'm finding most exercise is. Been struggling with stress for years and its all helping.

  • I did a MobilityWOD session at 12 today and then a full on CF session with a crew of firefighters (who dashed off to an energency just before the end) at 1300, in the full heat of the day. Afterwards I could not even remember who i was, let alone the things that are stressing me.

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