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Week 3 Run 3 done and still loving it!

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Missed doing my run on Friday morning (normally run Mon/We’d/Fri] as was away so dragged myself out of bed at 7am this morning to do it, on my own and in the rain! Motivated by the fact I couldn’t start week four on Monday if I didn’t complete W3 today. Dodged most of the puddles but did get slightly wet feet, but still enjoying it! Need to sort myself out with some proper trainers now that the runs as getting longer, as currently using my gym trainers. Anyone got any advice on this? Ive been told to get s gait analysis done but have no idea re brands etc. Thanks and have a good Easter 🐣 everyone!

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Definitely get a gait analysis done! I went to a running shop today and had it done. It showed me that my feet overpronate which I would never have realised until I could see it for myself. I was able to find a shoe that suit me, come home and look online so I could get the shoe £40 cheaper. The assistants in the shoe shops are there to help you so take advantage of it, ask all the questions, get your gait analysed. I promise it’ll be worth it.

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Read this..lots of great advice here...and very well done you :) Lots of great sales on at the moment too :)

Everyone is different so don't be guided by anyone's opinion on brand or price... Definitely get a gait analysts done (usually free) and a decent sales person won't automatically try and sell you the most expensive . One tip is to state you don't mind last seasons trainers. Good luck

Liz x

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