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Week 9 Run 3


Show me the way to the podium

Finished off the programme by doing the Coventry Memorial Park Park Run. Got to say loved it. And I think the fact it was busy it helped a lot with my pacing. Cant wait to do more of these and now build up to running longer and further (not bothered about faster).

For those that are on the programme or wanting to take the plunge I say go for it. There is a reason you want to do it in the first place otherwise you wouldnt be here, so stick to the plan, take the advice and encouragement and just do it.

So glad this was suggested to me, onwards to 10k slow and steady

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Well done - you’re a star 🌟

bertiesugarGraduate in reply to WildflowerJo

Thank you, loving it. Now what do I get myself as a reward

New trainers? 😊

bertiesugarGraduate in reply to WildflowerJo

Thats probably better than a bacon sandwich which is what I wanted. Not sure I want to give my other trainers up yet so might go for some shorts for when the weather improves

Whoop whoop🎉🎉🎉🎉

Congratulations on your Parkrun Graduation run bertiesugar...Well done 👏👏👏👏👏

You are now officially a proper runner and your shiny badge proves it...😊xx

Check out this link what to do next...


Happy running and you definately deserve a reward...

(There are c25k t-shirts, I don't have one so can't comment on size or fit)



Well done! Cracking time too (it was nice to see another NHSC25K in the results list, I’m usually the only one (Although currently an unknown for this morning due to a scanning glitch)). We don’t normally have big puddles like this morning 😊

bertiesugarGraduate in reply to SueKen

I was so excited and very nervous about doing it as never ran with nothers till now. And should not have worried I spoke to lots of runners before the event, during and after. Even had a great chat with the runner that finished 5th. Everyone was so nice. The slow run up to the car park really helped with my pacing even enjoyed running through the water hazard (was worried I may slip on the grass). I cant wait for the next run.

🎓🎊🎉well done👍🏻 Congratulations 😊


Huge congratulations and well done.... Consolidation now and take a peek at the What's next post.... FAQ...But, that is after the Graduation Party of course:)

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