C25K Graduate T-Shirts

C25K Graduate T-Shirts

For those of you not already aware

We where asked by the C25K admin to produce a printed t-shirt to commemorate your graduation. Although these are to be purchased individually we are still offering a bulk purchase discount by printing these free of charge (saving you £5.00). We have also added some additional garments that we can also add the logos too.

The attached image shows a Ladies Royal/White and a Men's Red/Black but you can see all the colourways available, and other garments, on our website by following these links.

Men’s Range


Ladies Range


Please note these garments are printed as they are ordered and therefore may take up to 10 days for delivery. For items posted within the UK mainland there will be no additional postage added.



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28 Replies

  • Ooooo......I definitely want a t shirt! But still got week 8 and week 9 to complete.

  • Hi Andy,

    I was looking forward to buying one of these when I graduated but then I looked at the sizes available and you don't seem to cater for the "larger" runner, which bearing in mind some of us are on here to lose some weight I wondered if you might have a product available in a larger size that could be printed on.



  • Thought I had better add that your size chart suggests that you offer sizes up to 3XL but in your sizes this is only a 46" chest, which is far smaller than a 3XL in other clothing products.

  • This style of tee is only available up to size 46" chest. If you can let me know what size you would like one in I will see if anything else is available.


    01943 601581


  • Hi Paul...

    I can get cotton tees up to 64" but these will just hold sweat and get heavy, therfore as you state above we would not class them as a running garment. In a performace (wicking) tee the only one I can locate at this moment is this one..


    2XL - 50"/52" and 3XL 54"/56"

  • Hi there,

    Just a question about the length. I have quite a long torso and find ladies fitting t-shirts usually too short and they look like I've squeezed myself into a child's top! Do you have any measurements of the length please?

    Thanks - Hannah

  • Hi Hannah

    As per the images at the beginning of this post the Ladies tops are shorter in the body than the Men’s. The length will of course depend on the size, but I have just measured both styles in size LARGE and the measurement from the shoulder (at the neckline) to the bottom of the tees are….

    Ladies 24 ¾” (63cm)

    Men’s 29 ½” (75cm)

    Hope this helps…


  • Is there any reason why a lady couldn't wear a mens t-shirt?

  • I'm going to get a men's when I complete the program - I run in my husband's t-shirts anyway :0)

  • Hi, I just love my pale blue graduate shirt - been wearing it proudly around the Home Counties :D

    Just want to comment on the sizing .... I am what you'd call a buxom old bird (LOL) and when I measured myself I was larger than your quoted XXL size. However, I was so determined to have a shirt that I ordered one anyway!

    Mine not only fits me easily, I would even say that I could even get a size smaller - I'll order another soon, but as I'm now losing weight perhaps I'll leave it a few weeks and maybe get 2 sizes down! Many thanks :)

  • just ordered a pale blue graduate shirt, and hoping I don't jinx myself, as I am about to start week 8 with my next run, but want to have it ready to wear when I graduate :)

  • Hi Andy me and my dog doing the couch 2 5k. Will he get a t shirt?!!

  • Of course... Just let me know when you place the order that you want it printing on the back instead....

  • Ooo my choccy lab is doing the C25K too!

  • I am only on week 1, but already looking forward to get one of these. Great idea!

  • Just ordered a black and red one :) I didn't realise you could order one before graduation but I'm currently on week 8 so hopefully I haven't jinxed things ;)

  • Hey Andy, just resurrecting an old thread.

    Do you play on FB? Have you seen the post today (on the NHS C25K group page, facebook.com/groups/C25Kers) about T-shirts? Someone had a play with a 'make your own T-shirt' site and created one which says 'I've had enough of you and Julie'. But they're not available as actual T-shirts, it was just a play. Now as you print the graduate T-shirts, any chance we can get that on the back of them? Or maybe on the front with the graduate logo on the back? Let us know please.

  • Well in short.... Yes we can.

    However there will have to be an additional cost involved.

    We add the current print free of charge (would usually charge £5 on top of the garment price) as we agreed to do this with the administration team on the understanding that there was a lot of interest from a large group of forum members. I am afraid we can’t add more printing free of charge.

    To produce that print as a one off in that size in one colour would add an additional £8.75. If I was guaranteed an order of 100 garments with this printing I can get this reduced to an additional £5.00 each.



    01943 601581


  • Took delivery of mine recently, red/black. Good quality and love it :)

  • Hi Andy, I can't see any reason why but I take it you can provide this shirt without the c25k logo? I've already got a red/black with logo but I'm looking to order another but possibly without a logo. I take it the price would be the same as the logos are added free anyway?

  • Hi Paul...

    Yes same price with or without the logo. Just add comment to your order that you want it without print..

    There is a greater selection of Fastrax product here fastrax-online.co.uk but this site has no shopping cart so you will need to phone any orders in.


    Andy 01943 601581

  • Thanks, Andy. I'll have a look now. Do you do running shorts in the same colour as the shirt ie red/black?

    Just had a quick look and it seems you do ;)

  • We have these in black/red...


  • Thanks, Andy ;)

  • Just ordered a second shirt but requested it be supplied without the logo.

  • How comes there aren't any vests available with the logo? I'm only on week 4 at the moment but would love to get one when I do graduate... But I prefer wearing vests rather than t-shirts when I'm running.

  • That would be a good idea :)

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