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Need better planning!


Hi all, I’m new to the group. I’m on week six run three, today I planned to do the 25mins but have signed up to a twice weekly weights class at the gym. I completed the hour of weights (all legs 😐) and could only manage 10mins of running after. My legs were in bits. I’m hoping to complete the run Sunday to start week 7 Tuesday, but feel deflated that I couldn’t do it today. Has anyone else had issues with this lack of planning? 😔

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I would definitely schedule weightlifting on your non-running days.

I'm not there yet. I haven't been able to add extra workouts in and still be able to do the running. It's just too much for me. I hope that once I graduate and my body is used to the 30 minutes of running, I can start cross-training.

CathChat in reply to ToniCR

I’m the other way, I’ve been doing classes for over a year but my cardio was rubbish. That’s what made me want to do c25k. I’m normally ok with weights but these were really heavy, definitely not running on my weight days going forward. Thanks for the reply :)


Hi I've just finished c25k

But I also do a work out at gym

I Do my running first then my work out.

I feel fine but if gets to much I will do gym on rest days

Jay x

CathChat in reply to Jayparr

Congratulations! That’s a good idea, it’s difficult trying to find time to fit it all in. Thanks.

JayparrGraduate in reply to CathChat

Yes I was doing c25k and on rest days doing gym and yes it was hard trying to find time to do it all but now do running on treadmill first so body warmed up and ready to do other work out at gym 3 timed a week.

Well done getting to W6R3. As @ToniCR suggests, you could try weights on your non running days. I do this to build strength and allow time for the legs to recover 🙂

CathChat in reply to Macmac

Thanks for the advice!

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