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Starting week two and dodgey footwear

Hi all, I have started week 2 today. Found it do able ,but wish my legs would lighten up,they feel like lead weights at times! I am combining this programme with a healthy eating plan as I need to lose weight. Two stone would be nice! I guess that is why my legs feel heavy,they have a lot of weight to carry around. I have quite flat feet too and a history of plantar fasciitis I worry a little about this returning if I don't run in the right shoes. I know that my right foot rolls a little to the inside so I need some support for this. Anyone else got this problem? I currently don't run in proper running shoes and am realising that I need to sort this ASAP.

Anyone from Suffolk ,who can recommend a good running shop.

Anyway good luck to all the other week 2 joggers. We can do it!!!!,

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Good shoes are a must and it's worth going to a proper running shop where they will analyse your gait. If there's a Sweatshop near you i'd recommend them.

[A good bra is the other essential if you are going shopping!]


Good running shoes are essential. I started off with a cheep pair of old trainers and wound up with very sore shins (shin splints) after week 3. I went to Decathlon and got fitted on their treadmill, most expensive pair of shoes iv'e ever bought but the shin splints went away. Now I wouldn't be without them.


I started C25K in walking boots since I didn't possess a pair of trainers. And the most horrible footwear I have run in were the first shoes I got from Sweatshop (not much of a problem since I could take them back covered in mud and exchange them for the ones I have now which I love) Incidentally they were the ones with most 'support', padding etc and I ran literally knock kneed in them.

It may be worth considering where you are going to run. If it isn't roads (I don't run on roads to preserve my joints) and you are looking at trail shoes they don't come in all the variants for pronation/supination etc so whilst the gait analysis was interesting, the assistant said it didn't really inform the shoe selection. If you are just starting out with running it may be worth considering minimalist shoes from the start.

I should say that I have a lot of pain in feet and legs anyway and running has, ironically, largely relieved me of the shin splints I had almost all the time....

So be careful, 'the right' isn't the same as 'expensive' - and the experts may not get it right for you first time (although I don't think I would have arrived at the shoes I love without that input)


I don't know if there is a branch of 'Up and Running' near you but I got my shoes properly fitted (gait analysis) from them. Due to an ear infection I haven't been able to run for a couple of weeks but I went out for a gentle session early this morning (first time out in the new shoes) and the shoes have made a world of difference. I was running as opposed to jogging/shuffling. Running does not have to be an expensive sport but a pair of good running shoes is worth buying. Good luck with finding the right pair.


Thanks for the replies everyone. Today I found my nearest sweatshop and had my gait analysed . I was surprised that I didn't procanate as much as I thought and was described as fairly neutral. Also I have never been on a treadmill EVER....I started this programme a week ago barely able to run for 1 minute and today I happily jogged along on the treadmill for several minutes easily, chatting away to the shop assistant as I went. I now have a pair of ghost 5 running shoes. They were very expensive ,but tis my birthday weds so I am treating myself. Being on the treadmill made me realise how much easier I found it ,compared to the off road tracks that I use currently. I hope these new shoes will make life easier....will report tomorrow. X


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