How to crack W5R3... But needs advanced planning!!

Well, I completed Week 5 Run 3 today - the dreaded 20 minute run - and it was a breeze!!

I didn't think of my legs, think of my breathlessness, or doubt I could complete at any point!  How is that possible? Am I a closet athlete?? Am I Superman in disguise?? Am I a big fibber?? No, none of those... 

My first grandchild was born this morning and I ran on a cloud of happiness all the way round!  At last, the secret of cracking W5R3!!

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  • Haha! Many congratulations to you on both counts. I love the idea of running on a "cloud of happiness". 

  • Ah, congratulations!,

    On the grandchild, and on your run 🏃 😊

  • Congratulations on a milestone run and the birth of your grandchild! 😊

  • Wonderful post! Congratulations on both.

  • Oh how lovely!  Congratulations!  I bet you fair flew round on that news :D

  • Congratulations. Two milestones in one day! I don't think we can recommend your method to other newbies though!

  • Congratulations!  Another runner whose good mood brings on a fabulous run (see my earlier post!!!).

  • congratulations on both counts, give it a year or so and you might be pushing a buggy round a parkrun!

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