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Couch to 5K
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Knee pain

Just completed week six of couch to 5K. Really pleased to have made it this far but I’ve now got pain at the front and mid/side of my left knee. It’s not awful but I’m aware of it niggling when I run and bothering me when going up and down stairs and upon waking after a run.

Do I run through it and hope it settles down or rest?

Don’t want to have to give up.

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I think the wise ones on here will ask - are you wearing proper running shoes, fitted after gait analysis?

Have you tried doing some strengthening exercises every day? (there's some knee-specific ones on the NHS website - they made a difference to me!).

I'd say you shouldn't run through it. Aches are one thing, but a niggle can develop into more, and pain is a red flag! Also, anything you're concerned about, definitely get to a doc or a physio.


I have found the NHS strengthening exercises and will start them today.

I have proper running shoes but they were off the shelf and not fitted after gait analysis.

I’m frightened to have proper gait analysis done, spend £100 or so and then still find I can’t run!

So what to do first I wonder?


If the shoes you have feel OK and comfy when you run that's good, start off with those and if all well and no aches n pains carry on but a gait analysis and fitting is a must if you carry on, it's usually free and you don't always have to buy the shoe's at that time... You'll have a good idea what your gait is then can shop around..


what dave said :) my shoes are also off the shelf and I worry about every niggle, because I know there's that one thing (the gait analysis) I haven't done. *but* at the moment ... no niggles for me, and I don't run a lot nor do I push myself too hard.

If it's really not pain, and you are moving around etc, maybe give yourself a couple extra days off running, and do the strengthening exercises, and see how you feel?

Oh also - are you running anywhere with a camber, like sloping pavements?


Thank you for your advice. Trying to run on the flat as much as possible - but not ajaays able to.

When I ran some years ago I had to stop with Achilles injury, hence trying to keep to the flat!


Thank you all - going to start knee strengthening exercises, drop back a week or two and repeat the shorter runs and see how things are. Also thoroughly stretch as well as warm down walk.

If all settles down I will go and invest in some running shoes after gait analysis and then up it slowly.

Maybe it may take me a bit longer.

Frustrating as my stamina etc is fine!

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It would, of course, be more frustrating if you did yourself a proper mischief! Really hope it's just a niggle and that it goes.

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