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The power of rest


Took advice from you all and didn't run on Wednesday, had sports massage on Friday and had my psoas muscle well and truly pummelled, potential weakness there contributing to back pain. But she said yes I can run, so I had no excuse this morning despite hideous weather but to get up and out for second Parks Run.

Spotted (older) sister at start line but as she's as sub 30 min runner let her go and tracked other runners.

It's fascinating the different styles of running, and how little some people wear in this cold weather! Some people seem to be going slow but they are so steady you never catch them.

But ... I managed 29.52 mins, 3rd in my age group (blooming sister in same age group, came second).

I am amazed it shows the power of rest, personal goals and this programme. 🙏

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Go you.. you run for you.. that is all that matters:)

ebcroquet in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you 😊 I really do run my own race 🏁

Wow! What a time! 👏👏👏


Fab-u-Lous!!! That’s a fantastic time!!! But’s about you..all about’re running your own run, who cares what your sister runs???? Your time is what’s important to YOU!! Your sisters time is important to her...end of!

ebcroquet in reply to Mummycav

I agree 💯 but it’s amazing what a bit of sibling rivalry can do to your times 🥕🤣

MummycavModerator in reply to ebcroquet

That’s true x


Huge congratulations!!! Well done!


Very well done, that’s wonderful!

When I eventually get to a park run I will be fated to taking almost double the time that my husband takes!- and about 14 minutes slower than you! Do I care? No! Running 5K is such an achievement for me! 😀

ebcroquet in reply to Elfe5

Exactly - we all have our personal goals. Just doing a Parks Run was one of mine - next to run with my sister on holiday 👵👵 and maybe to run with my daughter, she’s on dreaded wk 5 😱

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