The Power of you lot!

I joined this group earlier in the year and was amazed by the support and encouragement of so many people, stated that I hated running (which I do) but wanted to get better, even became a Parkrun tourist and ran with another C25K runner at Southsea and beat 40 mins for the first time. Then I got to w5r3 and failed big time, which set me and my confidence back big time, wrote a "feeling sorry for my self post" and vanished. In the mean time my Park runs went 41:59 42:04 42:08 43:30 and then last week 45:50 which was my worst ever run!!

I got home and in my utter disappointment and anger with myself, logged back in to find a plethora of replies to my post 5 weeks previous. Not just any old post, amazing posts, kind posts, heart felt posts, funny posts, and all encouraging posts. I sat and read them and then read them again.

As a result, I have started again, thought about what I ate and drank (especially the drink bit!!!) immediately lost just over 7lbs in a week and this mornings Parkrun 40:02 !!!!!!

So thank you all so much, if any one doubts the worth of being part of this group, believe me, in your darkest hour it will pull at your heart strings and make you feel guilty for even considering giving up.


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  • Wow that's brilliant! I think it's harder to come back from a disappointment and break than it is finding the courage to start in the first place. Keep going, you can do whatever you put your mind too as you have already shown you have the determination.

  • Great to hear you are back on the up! That's a good park run time, so you know you can do it! Just keep at it and believe in yourself!

  • aaw well done you Chalfont :D we have all had different reasons for doing C25K and certainly wouldn't have done it without the support, encouragement and occasionally kick the arse from everyone here

    Bottom line is though it is the individual who goes out and does the run :D this is just as much a mental challenge as physical

    You certainly shouldn't beat yourself up over times , especially as you were out doing parkruns at week4 or week 5 . that is a pretty major achievement alone :D

    keep at it Chalfont, you doing great :D

  • Thanks Bob, I have been doing Park Runs (I call them Park Shuffles) long before joining this group, I have done 39 now. I don't see Park Run as having anything to do with running 5k. As I say I have done 39 and not once got even close to the 2k marker before having to stop and walk. I always post when I see people on here say they are wondering when they can start park run The answer is you could already have started!

    Also I couldn't agree more with you about weight loss, health etc being a mental challenge. I see all these TV programmes and books and gimmicks about losing weight blah blah blah. Actually losing weight is the easiest thing in the world, you consume less calories than you burn and you will lose weight. The tough bit is sticking to that, keeping the mind focussed on the end goal. Not giving up after a bad week, or feeling useless in yourself. That is why it has to be a change of life style, not a fad diet. If people had been living a healthy life style before they wouldn't need to lose weight. I know I have been battling this for 25 years and yes you are right it is the individual that has to do it, but having you and all the others on this group to report back to every day or so makes life so much easier to stay focussed.

    Thanks again.

  • wow 39 already :D that is wonderful :D I thought doing 12 was pretty good . For me my battle was to stop smoking ,which I did finally in feb 2014 before starting c25k in the sept 2014 ...

    then to start living a better and healthier lifestyle which running is now at the centre of , new addiction I guess but a far better one :)

    All power to you Chalfont , you are quite some lady :)

  • Ha ha Rob, I may be wrong, but I am sure Chalfont is male :-D xxx

  • Well done for giving up smoking, I never have but I have seen plenty suffer with that. I am not sure running will ever be an addition for me, I never enjoyed it even when I was young and fit, but you never know. And thanks for your motivational last comment, now i really must get rid of those Moobs :)

  • Blimey , pass the tissues ! * Snort, blow, sniff, dabs eyes *

    Ah thats better ! :-)

    What a heartfelt, moving post , I could feel myself filling up !

    Well done Chump ! I am so pleased that you are back and it sounds like youre really on the "up".

    I agree, this place is the best ! The support and friendliness on here is second to none, but at the end of the day, it is YOU that got yourself back out there and picked it up again.

    Keep going CC , you can do this, you really can ! We are all behind you , every step of the way xxx

  • Well, you and the others on this site understand just how hard this is. But on a personal note, when ever I post I look out for your reply, I doubt you have any idea just how motivational you are for me. Before I even read what you have put, I smile. Even through the tears of the pain this running lark puts me through. I hate running and I still hate you all for making me do it, but maybe a little less than I did.

    Thank you xxx

  • Thank you Chump, Im glad I make you smile :-)

    I like making people smile ....

    Youve just made me smile now :-)

    See, its catching ! :-) xxx

  • ...not just the power of this forum though Chalfont ( and I heartily agree with that), but the power of little ol' you! It was you out there doing the Parkrun this morning and proving to yourself what you are capable of. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thats what I love about this site, the anonymity! I you knew me or had even ever set eyes on me the last phrase you would use is "little ol' you" hahaha

    But I understand what you are saying, but it still comes back to the support of you and this group. It is a lot easier to keep motivated, or at least bemuse less motivated, when you know there are 3,000 people waiting to give you a kick up the back side, or a huge pat on the back.

    I have been struggling with my health and fitness for 25 years, but I am more sure now than ever I will crack this.

    So thank you for your words of encouragement.

  • You're welcome! Please stay positive.

  • I agree with you chalfont,

    everyone on here is so helpful, motivating and just generally great people, I've been doing c25k for the past 10months and I don't think I'd be this close to graduating if I had of done the programme on my own without finding this forum, I've just completed week 8 run 2 today and I believe that without people on here I'd probably still be doing week 1 over and over again not having that much motivation or confidence in going on to week 2 :)

    I think people on here are really helpful and motivating because they have been where other people are starting and they've been through the programme,

    I wish you all the best on your c25k journey, just think you started it once so you do it again, just concentrate on completing the runs each week and not the time at parkruns, that's what I do I just ignore the time and as long as I complete the week's runs I'm happy :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • That's what we can do for each other and long may it last. Congratulations.

  • This is what I find amazing, people like you, who have graduated and I am sure are now running longer distance but stay on the forum to help those of us still struggling through. Thank you

  • Well done Chump, glad you are feeling things are improving and well done on today's Parkrun time.

  • Hear hear! *Voice catches, dabs moisture from eyes*

  • You are all barking mad and I love you!

  • Hooray! You're back on track!

  • Well done CC - it's great to hear your doing well and that you know we're all rooting for oyu. I thought I'd been losing weight fast but 7lb in a week is incredible, congratulations.

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